Daily Archives: June 21, 2020

Art Work


i dreamed a dream so wonderfully sweet
  dreamed a dream of if and then what
i dreamed
  struggling to never awaken
  struggling to never remember
i dreamed
  and within many tears awoken
  wishing i had never ever
dreamed the dream so wonderfully sweet.

:: 06.21.2020 ::


is good
if SO
is comparable to
the lit ferns of paradise i bid good well
and good nights
to hear the dim notes of heavenly songs
flutter through currant bushes as our veins
this pleasant evening of tangled vines.
My sky is a lover — the lover of my Soul:
brush strokes of communion and paints so bold.

The sky is an angel.

and my hand and mouth are so ignorant.

Have patience — no boredom please;
the ink well is full and obtuse.

:: 06.18.2020 ::


 a s/
   it   o n c e
or  t w ice
   Love fettered the lining of
a once golden sun
      when your thin hands touched
this Heart?   Was it once or twice
  i tasted the nectar of your heart?
   if Once then the shame upon me;
if twice — then i agree –> thrice\
was it once?  Was it twice?
    my twisted lips and covered eye
take flight!

:: 06.21.2020 ::


\ Mister E.E. Cummings and Ms. Dickinson,
   i have made up something new and the
difficulties — why?  People are traditional.
   as they like what already exists \
and when someone comes wanting 2 revolutionize
everything…simply everything…well, these words
i write come from the heart, that poetry is female
therefore she speaks my heart. Sir.  Ma’am.  forgive
me if  my prose disturbs your heart — and that is exactly what i aimed for! /

:: 06.20.2020 ::


\ Upon one hand is a large finger —
then the other a butterfly
oh hear the fallen rain! the gutters
of my lonely heart — it sings;
a melody before here unheard of!
The Smallest is a Thing of no name
barely, an echo of memories
–and just the same! Such a strain
upon this stain that still remains,
within my soon fragmented brain –,
the smallest thing; as butterflies
having taken flight from dark memories.
AND i remain always the same.

:: 06.20.2020 ::


THE quietness of a wingless eternal flight

(a lover’s heart) sings in the wind

as a flag of no Nation on Earth.

The voices of this Poet’s head struggling with

the echoes and nostalgic words from an awoken

emotion /so my eyes have opened to see

a flock of sing-song birds fleeing to migrate

within my tired lonely Soul.

:: 06.20.2020 ::


THE embryo’s skinny fists reach the skies
and hides a face yet born
in this summer of burning children you
call a name and the world is asleep.
the fitful swings the stuffed animals
the tired friends called warm winds
have long thoughts of buried snakes
and within the many undreamed thoughts
of a lost world the embryo’s skinny fists
tear the skies apart — the revelation
of new nails grown for 2 months that never
had a drink of the blood you spilled //
some hang their hand and drown within fear
yet, and, with unborn eyes very open, to pretend
a gently passed hand over a baby’s head —
THIN new hair that does not die, long nails
within a soft chest — licking the bloodless
wounds of survival.
The sound of the surgeon’s scalpel.

:: 06.20.2020 ::


HOPING is a giant hammer, terrifying, and insane
at tender times, while the heart hides away;
crying like laughter releases compressed
emotions — this is no wrong or right but a golden
trumpet, teeth shattering upon each note played___
the paunch of my feelings gilded wainscoting.
Wonder ing if Heaven has graveyards — the hope
of dying twice/once in hell upon Earth the other
one inch inside the pearled gates.

:: 06.20.2020 ::