Daily Archives: July 9, 2020

as a young boy i was hungry
so skinny & although my Life
was so sad I laughed.
I saw all my closest family
scramble to eat just for a day
more — i , a boy, saw devastation
,looking into every man they turned
on. every cup i drank was more
than a smoke: but every man who
made my mother, sisters and me feel
so damn cheap — i shall read a paper
with large holes — called 666 — the
news of the world — she died.

: 07.08.020 ::



=good NIGHT
mine — for
eternity: your
my oh mine baby
and shall always
be -upon everything
i shall ever own –eternity
and we we be long
together you rich lips
belong to me only for eternity
: all eternity — i swear to
God & eVERYthing i ever own
alone just together for

:: 07.08.2020 ::