Daily Archives: July 28, 2020


the world shut it’s mouth where nothing seems to destroy the fire within me
so glad nothing is closing my pains /unless a gogh painting\ sometimes i regret
how far i’ve fought the only thing that can
break me is me –>
i know…
i’ve given everything
i’ve given everything i own
i’ve given everything cared
for — so now gone to hell
and far away i screamed to
the outside world.

:: 07.28.2020 ::


i pulled myself from this wreck
to see if i could still walk
i touched my mind and focused
on the pain:  each moment here
is a familiar sting of trying
to breath each moment
  saw the evil in each heart
  the only thing i knew each
  & familiar day so tried to
  kill it all away |||–but
i remember everything //
     INTO a luscious void
of every word where my stomach
feels so empty.  

:: 07.28.2020 ::

the touch of skin now makes
me cry


the walkway across the bride dear?
we can stop mid-way to watch the
ducks float by as this day does
“Yes dear, let’s do dear.”
We stood. Mid-way and watched
the ducks and emerald-eddies
paint the moment forever within
our Hearts.

:: 07.28.2020 ::


why is night comforting
to lost souls
why evening rains feel
so lonely
i do not know
i do not know
the beautiful Sun
knows my name
the moon too beneath
why is life so painful
so burning
i do not know
i do not know

:: 07.28.2020 ::