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while leaves march down an empty alleysuddenly she is barely holding upon the blue skies /of punch red-blue\of a galant southern magnolia sweetand fresh of a sudden burning smellfruit for the fallen souls are we forever together.
far so for father trick of mind/here is a Strange Tale\upon his tomb stone. this POET WROTE
:: 07.13.2020 ::


V[this is where Vee go ]
i split the atom of a glyph
V (vee)
i did without a spade nor
the sting of a royal bee
: this i did for all of

:: 07.13.2020 ::

[extract: The Destruction of Western Alphabet –eprobles–]


o f c o l o r fulSOUNDS that died when this novel began as the stars are falling i wonder why have i been waiting so long to be here — where i once said, “where i am going?” All within your sunshine i found the light shining through; the barking trees and dogs crying; this seasonal salad between your thighs /within the sunshineLOVE\ i climbed up to tie all eyes to not feel shame giving angels such surprise –> that i am with you and my editor cried:
” you have been waiting so long;to be where you have been going –within the nectar-sauce of LOVE “
so i finished beating my glyph-heartstaying within you now until the Caesarof LAW has waited this long — to belike-ever your seas could dry upwhere ALL WISH GO;/jk324323423\ within the target of PASSION.
:: 07.13.2020 ::


she wore
makeup above
the once
pores || i died
once,twice &
more ||then buried
was she within a
barren field of
nothing more.

:: 07.12.2020 ::


THE distinguishing Nature of ‘something’
is a character supported by a glyph.
   within the mental imagery
   of emotions.
We call it ‘words’.

As if we never noticed the rising Sun!
  that we never ever felt the sinking
Moon whilst upon a beautiful date
   is how one destroys things :  place
your tongue upon the palate.
   THE sides are for flavor but the top
and bottom taste Life.

:: 07.12.2020 ::

[ideas i used to slay the Western
Alphabet.  Next book:  to rebuild
from those ashes]

NARCISSUS (An elaborate Dream)

IF YOU HAD A WILL and testament
would it be written and read
within your perfect shapes
of curves and s-plashing reds
and of dying flesh?
AND if everything around you
is not quite as what it seems?
so if everything you ever
knew was just an elaborate
dream? As Narcissus would you
look upon your image and find
yourself afraid to see?
Hunting forever(y)
things that mean nothing at
all but the treasures all always
around you.

:: 07.12.2020 ::


[riding upon the back of a young butterfly i see quick scenes and smell the Earth and
her Perfume//a bird! –> dive! haha!\\
how wonderful to be…what is that? LIFE! OUT here within the fields i forgot
my heels and have my butterfly within high
gear — no need to worry no need to fight;
no need to feel forgiven | says the
beautiful butterfly do not cry do not break your heart
it’s only other-worldly experience here as a human believing butterflies; that nexus
is there if we go together.

A memory of Existence!
so begin the day with a friendly voice so those who love horror
can hate your musical comedy and love! Man! hahaha.

:: 07.12.2020 ::


                    while walking i met a Sprite
       and    she     told    me  several times:
‘you ate my x-pectation’  ah look here — gently placed
her dreaming heart & clouds (as if a party is a party ever
met to last) all within my Heart and we moved everywhere — i once
saw a long life briefly then fell unto deep Love everlasting.
   within a deep lush flower petal of reds and whites these memories
are felt child-happiness:  tell her to find me between spaces of No
Things (forget to not get nor forget  mine true Love)  tell the weeping
circle of Nature how the springs sing    and gather now among the embers
of Time (she was a true love).
Noctambulant now under a sad silver night of Moon.

::  07.12.2020 ::


inside the MOUTH of the sun
frail invaders come as i have crawled
to the corona of the lone cactus — day
and night are both and none: space is
full of surprises and sandstorms the glitches of time.

:: 07.12.2020 ::