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humid times   along the line of the ancient Mississippi  a River of mystic currents
THROUGH TIME he asked me to cut a stem of sugar cane under the sun and gave me a
Trapper lock knife (1918) — and cried.   
it was fine a fine day for this young boy.  aLWAYS meeting dead souls.
:: 07.10.2020 ::

QUOD numquam accedit ad lumen aeternum (THAT NEVER GOES UNTO THE ETERNAL LIFE)

THAT HAS never approached the eternal
light of my Heart

as: Nunc rcm unguentorum,

relish the night as
when tears are not enough
the end is closer
toward a new beginning
than the fears recessed toward
that One who Always Lost
but ——> but not us.

:: 07.10.2020 ::


BORN within the C R-A-C-K
of road and gutter fighting Tears like
no other feed me; feed us; save the
fetus [if not for the madness
within the air (BRAIN!)
maiming us_____/\/\
/\___]it’s okay to SCREAM\
the horror of this DAY!
oh rain oh rain oh REIN!
the virus of covered9’s
upSIDE down (listen now)
are three by three – OH!
–>digging within the brain
–no rain!

:: 07.10.2020 ::/
her mouth is like the
fine bust of all sounds
\life given /now re-
ceived/wander through space
my profound love with a
hidden face.

(could not help it)


i grEW into a GREAT
that walked the dangerous
forest of my carpet
i lost the lie of physicality
while dreaming this dream
of life —
no one truly sleeps
we are always HERE.

:: 07.10.2020 ::
smallnest is now a word


SITTING so little is   so… This little
would-be bride in   a Kind of cellophane
yellow-red candy dress
     like misery reaching
     its hand tearing fine
garments of feelings I am becoming
millions of broken shards of
eyes that find me  so disgusting
      blue windows – pink rooftops
dirt, sunrises,sewage ditches
and the petals of picked dying flowers
upon my refrigerator ~~ (i use to have purpose)
My eyes still blind from prehistoric light
while the screams and moans of assaulting life
rant through Gotham! With no voice!

:: 06-11-2015 ::
rev: 07102020


*** DRAFT ***
Hey hey! mighty Asteroid
you have come from so
far away makes my mind
and dizzy head ;
250 million years ago they
walked right where my life
now Stands /makes me wonder
/, it makes me wonder
if i should have another
, another who stands here
one day \\
we dominated this land for
200 thousand years now
then went for a walk with
the dinosaur. hey hey
mighty asteroid you are
picture with no future.

:: 07.10.2020 ::


da -=>si
we OUI (wee!) YES!
the frames of life-
video running down that
spine /taking you every-
where one-on-one\no words
can save you this time
except for the golden
Character (you feel it
when Life turns the Screws)
al-pha:BET iconic symbols
of every Language here and
up there — YEA JA HAHA!

:: 07.10.2020 ::


LOVE my love never dies
sometimes weak but you keep
a fire lit between us
In the night such a might
between us
in the night such strength
bequeath us
such delight the arrow
of Cupid binds us
as one
Never leave but believe
such a gift so rare
is Our Love.

:: ~~ ::

The Screaming Rose

I’d never heard a rose    
then again
          one never spoke
to me
         She’d lost her petals
         of her Spring by when
         her season changed
         where is my love!
B e y o n d
         the valley-sorrow awash
         over hills o’blue!
         is when I heard
         a rose scream
all her red upon the ground
within blood and thorns
        cried wilted stem
        screaming, “woe is me!”

:: 03-16-2015 ::