(In Heaven a 911 operator’s experience)

“HEAVEN  is heavy with lost souls today but can I help you?”

SOUL:  Yes, seems I have no reason to live.

Okay.  Arise beyond this illusion okay?

SOUL:  “what?”

This is God’s voice (by proxy) speaking.
Just don’t do anything stupid that could um,
cause you irreparable harm.  Like death.  We’re
logged back hard on deaths at this moment.  But.
hey, what can I do for you?

SOUL:  I am sick with like , fuck.   All wise men I have read
and like a ship upon the ocean I heard the voices
say there can only be peace with the One.”

Well, that is bullshit.  You sound bifurcated.  Just stay alive.
We um  (what?  I’m on the goddammit line now) sorry.  Just
don’t do anything that can kill you now.  We’ll
get back to you.  Do you have Amazon or Google
or shit, yeah okay (FACEBOOK), SpaceX shares?  We can get
you out of this shit if you have the money.

“God?  What?  What?”

Yeah, we upgraded.

The spiritual world can’t even keep up with the
life forms we created.  The entire universe is really
REALLY going crazy.  Now.

Can I help you with anything else?

No.  (click).

:: 11.05.2021 ::

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