Daily Archives: December 21, 2021


Other Egyptian dancers love her
for the beauty of their Land
Some spoke some wept
others ate deceased flowers
within brilliant hearts
and how i feel love
knowing this world of pain
and suffering and love and
passion breathes my skin;


but necessarily so

— For the Handmaiden of Love
and her Song foretold it.

:: 12.21.2021 ::


IF i deny you then denied
i have myself!

But if you deny me then what am I?

The fool?

The weaker link if love?


Superb taste robust!

:: ~ ::


SO soon I have flown to the higher grounds
oh ode! That abode!
The sweetness of life is licked-like colors//
a heart racing- tumbling
across all kindness to meet!
And my kisses-like knees
always upon the tender ground
— the conjugal respect for all
goodness this life!

:: 03-23-2015 ::


WHEN awakened by a sudden thing as Life
what to do?

i took my mouth in hand and walked down
the mountain to a river. My curious tale
behind me it was the bleat of a sound within
my throat that ragweed spoke.

Never a mystery as the ones i’ve met
have potted the balconied trees upon the
rows of my thoughts.

There! A sparrow that has fallen from
my dreams into the progress of strawberry-
wax lullabies i had once forgotten.

:: 12.21.2021 ::


[Apollo’s mother has hidden beauty]

Leto my Leto!

Artemis saw your hidden modesty
and forged fire and lightning within
the womb of Worlds

came Apollo Oh! Apollo!

:: 12.21.2021 ::


FAKE episiotomy
like the shape
of my heart

Mediolateral art

says the ghost of a baby
enjoys floating within
red and pink balloons
all without affection

my perfect mouth…

Hell how they enjoy
reading screen texts
and lying about soy milk

uh, huh huh
like so deary
being made
media illiterate

:: 12.21.2021 ::