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FOR SALE: a leather heart of thoughts
the book of lovers called ‘words’
forget how you hate
tie the tongue to a diseased palate
inside your poisoned mouth:

we sell the bodies of priceless souls
inside pristine teapots

Holy Ghost come to me
fuzzy astronaut inside case
of helmet and suit
singing forget-me-nots
watching wild phenomena below
opon Earth’s skies
From the moon’s ancient machinery
–blood and hydraulic heart
of your Mind:

Monstrous, and lit without End.

:: 02.15.2022 ::


LOVE is a shadow of:


building a strength
beyond congeniality

She — a baroness
a busy busty Queen
of Hearts so dynamite
blew most minds…

I? A King of Minds
so let them come get me
in their royal robes
those rich bastards!

Most are drunken cocksmen
two-timed bastards
rebel fuckers
says my “mouth of saints.”

:: 02.07.2022 ::


Sometimes uh
sometimes love
melts inside love
and how love came down
to touch deeply
for many forget safety

Oh weep.

Please don’t kiss me so sweetly dear
oh do not touch or embrace my shadow
cause i’ll make you cry centuries
while flowers sprout these tears
feed dirt inside your soul
Baby oh baby coo’ing
and when you look inside eyes
your hurt is inside tender hands
not my arms — how i cannot understand
as a pure artist i see colors and hear
songs by clouds and weeping winds
— all within my heart: lies the
snake called Robert//hiss\\ i hear
you squeal again lovely one.
No disgrace no ageless stinch only
how we scream again — BABY COO
COME AGAIN and be my friend as sometimes
in my skin i pray how no one knows
; how space and time are just thought
bending memories://|| release come
oh won’t you come: release your dreams.

:: 10.29.2021 ::


before I was a boundary of Life
i was an embryo so you can completely
kill me when you want  like the body
upon which you learned to write
(aside from ancient angels) people
hidden or appear illuminated
by forests of appearance —
immediate lights?
a dream appeared at will.
So senseless  — a perfect example
of words!   aaaaaaaaahhhhh!  
The media fears to feed him —
smells like sperm of secrets —
the sea stops within the palms
of your eyes —– aaaaaaaaaah!
  breath.  Please.  To laugh.
Believe.  aaaaagh.  with hospitality
they blindfold your look.

:: 08.16.2020 ::


WHERE ALL  m i n d s
meet when resting
is where I wish to be!

Perchance   b e neath
a blooming peach tree?

upon the cusp of the lips
of   a smiling clown    or
\–/ within the bosom of my
u  n  k  n  o  w   n
lover )0)0) is WHERE I WISH
t o       be!
I   love my   ;;–> better
than you!

:: 06-09-2015 :: rev 1.1