Daily Archives: March 11, 2022


{ i’ll do it again, and again, and again. }
My name is clay desolation.
My name is innocence.
My name is fate.
My name is heaven.

Oh, my name is naught and when they called
me “clay desolation”, i knew —

when they called me evil, i knew
when they called me weak, so i knew

I would always find my way to you
I’ll show you ruin ||

while we walk upon water i can make
the world my prisoner and stick my
heart inside all ears to hear me

No need to beg God for mercy
“though your sorrows not
any tongue may name,
three i’ll give you sweet
joys for each of them
but it must be your whispers that flower.”
(e.e. cummings last paragraph).

:: 02.13.2021 ::


my arms have breached the white walls
of the laughing skull.

i have feasted upon their thoughts
today my plate is empty.

the butler of my brain is tired
but continues to serve a feast.

bleached ribs a xylophone
playing macabre notes.

as my tongue dances inside
the empty hall of my mouth.

:: 03.11.2022 ::