Daily Archives: March 15, 2022


What is Life?  An Alien Nation?
I do not mind — if you are human.

Do not close your heart / crystal
tears are clearly an enormity.

The eternal gaze, a white mirror:
the variety mostly black reflection.

Your curse:  fear to give me it.

That knowledge known — all heads
shall explode below the antique
of ancient shields.  

Twelve thousands of  years again
how it is so___ leo in the constellation
and Egypt wept.  

No red ribbons upon sturdy rafters
and no scream at the end.

Forgive me.  No credit for discretion.

How we endure death and destruction
by being exquisitely human against
invisible phantoms in these skies.

Us:  the silver-suited beings populating
and O! Adding machine — that we go

:: 03.15.2022 ::

How Far Is It?

How far is it?

When i ran away from you.

How far now?  

The gigantic red panda’s interior
of all your eyes and how they
hypnotize me while the wheels move
. All the terrible thoughts
bad brains of tiny eyes hypnotize you
 as revolving sounds.  

Above  your head a shining thoughts
punched absence bordelais cannons
night and day — the silver lease
of boxcars.  I wrote a small note
to the arcs of gods, and what pride!
the letter inside the slot.

  IF i had a photograph of you
would i spend this life just fishing?

Like a tent of unending cries
will there be cream or blood or
faucet waters washing away memories
of you.  Make up and allow her cancerous
pallors to drag lazy legs into little
busy polyps.  

 Sweetly, sweetly I breath in all my
memories filling my veins with invisibles
inside the billions of souls.

:: 03.15.2022 ::

A Buzzing Love

A buzzing love
inside a bottle
the top popped
like a drum

Thin skin,
a heart slipped
dead white
then red plush

My bleeding pen
like summer eyes
papery like leather
balled small feelings

oh where would you go
if i ate yesterday
how to jump inside
so Homunculus

Oh! I cried when the
skies turned around
to say: there’s love.

How i hate endings
but that smell of
your small breath
like fresh green grass
filled my heart with
eternal sleep, lilies.

:: 03.14.2022 ::