Daily Archives: March 16, 2022



swing your wings a slanted figure eight
make a lover of you outta me

move a mountain
move the air
move my heart
into a life

A perfect shape of my heart
butterfly organ make me cry
how you move never shadows
only pure light

Let’s do it
Let’s do it
under the shade
of a weeping willow

Nature have a fit upon the wings
of never-quit let’s shoot the shit
and make a human more equipped
to see the nature that keeps us fit

so flap your wings slanted figure eight
the lover of nature is One with All of us
and all of you.

Sweet nectar butterfly.

:: 03.16.2022 ::


UNDER the unrelenting brilliant sun i wept
thinking of the welfare of all animals,
butterflies were crowded within the small
space of my deflated heart
the innocences of their multi-colored
bodies sank inside my eyes where i heard
the cricket singing
as though from the tallest tower of
life/from the bottom of all hearts\

what happens when everyone steals
where nations bomb children that
remove the gleam of their pure happiness.

I listened at the sky, the blue, which now
is black — it’s very humanly ugly.

:: 03.16.2022 ::