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Dirty Word

ATE the World inside a bite stood and stained
again and raged for dawn (like kids without food)
of Light sometimes it’s like
god is dog and woof and woof
We could have more
but He was the One and now
singing is like shooting guns
you know what it means
In our pretty Life He just sees
and we know what it means
yeah | Hey father –> excuse
me : dad. Tipsy Tova swivel
neck finding philosophy to find
what it means /he’s the one who
likes to sing and shot his mouth
\ i have the gun yeah. / i was
so self-assured the dirt would
create me you know how low hello
sad i know It’s all incredible
nibblets of mascara limo nights
And how i saw i was speeding by
into the ‘you tell me’ so tell me
hello tell me oh no say:
often stupide
more contagious
below buffalo
yeah ~ kiss me.

:: 01.08.2023 ::

A Corpse In Your Life

i prayed within vomit
the night i died.
i died for nothing
but for a prettiest
no-thing. Not even Hollywood.
Say it! Say it! Say it!
I don’t care I don’t care I don’t mind
I don’t mind wait oh wait did you remind
the Priest to pray for those in denial?
Say it say it say it : nothing exists
called dead-Love so call me and tell me
i’m dead i don’t even care so say it say it
say it say it say it : i’m a corpse in your

So feel my love bone. Compare it to my
dead bone yeah! i’m dead! like so many
believable words stuck inside your head
feel my love boat?
Never. Blue effervescent tongue.

:: 11.12.2022 ::

By Death of Feeling


death of

f e e l 

-ing or
passion of tasting:

i ATE YOU devoured
all existence of doubt |
my Thoughts all Inside
the confused lovers


ate’ing butterflies by Nature
i AM NATURE : eat me too &
sing songs without words but by
your Souls!

:: 10l23.2022 ::


IF I broke the memory of my name
let me not betray moments of now
or of that history yet born.

How thoughts are indiscreet
or alters when alteration finds,
how hope in light never dies
O no!  How powerful is reason
and that of a look upon tempest
never shaken;  how that poison
of a first kiss is always a step
into the most beautifully broken
dream — and all souls whose
worth in unknown height that many
hope  — is a star inside Heaven
How love is never time of fools
but how youth and belief becomes
brief hours and weeks and years
until a day comes when a torn
broken soul remembers those
errors of life that came home.

:: 04.03.2022 ::


WALK unguarded into a dirty birth
catch a bus or disregard footstep
we all live within a city called laughter
selling out at Perth
The little bugs colored amethyst
are already at their work.

Charming faces of popular people
thousands of years ago
i laid a wreath upon those
ancient artificial skies
it’s hard so hard
to find the love lost
pacify weakness
Fetch a friend who is a friend
as long as they are not late
and until they bathe at midday
within the sea.

:: 02.15.2022 ::


FOR SALE: a leather heart of thoughts
the book of lovers called ‘words’
forget how you hate
tie the tongue to a diseased palate
inside your poisoned mouth:

we sell the bodies of priceless souls
inside pristine teapots

Holy Ghost come to me
fuzzy astronaut inside case
of helmet and suit
singing forget-me-nots
watching wild phenomena below
opon Earth’s skies
From the moon’s ancient machinery
–blood and hydraulic heart
of your Mind:

Monstrous, and lit without End.

:: 02.15.2022 ::


I feared a thing untold & unseen
that thing i feared within my mind
a thing too!
Split by half in such unknowns
i strove to know:
Unraveled too which spilled upon the floor!
Imperfect thoughts rolled from higher ground to low!
Then reality’s curtain fell; my needle tired to stitch
the past when love was good!
But life ran beyond the needle and instead stitched time
within my soul.

:: E.P. ROBLES (c) 2018::

:: 05-15-2014 ::
:: 10-20-2018 ::


Polly gone
oh polygon
what quadri-
laterals you

(go) figure made
up of straight sides
(besides myself)
oh Polly’s gone
prolly so i still see
your shadows within
my head but full fleshed
within my beating heart

is why Polly’s gone
oh polygon what quadri-
laterals you possess!

:: 07.21.2020 ::


WHO IS so happy today are they all within my
Head? Iris and friends feathers within the band
of my funky hat yeah not so scared caused i
lit the candles to remove evil thoughts while eating
my girlfriend’s older sister! cause i remember sad thoughts
& yeah some to blame upon me but so excited to see your Art
(i’m so honry) yeah : colors exploding as goo across the paint
of my canvas oh yeah — punch
, kiss, love, like and hate everything i am
— i wish to kill you : miss you then again
miss the bullet you wanted
for me…oh yeah who is so happy
today? all within their lonely
head — so ugly so are you ;
miserable people so scared
i lit my candles when i found

:L: 07j.11/02020 ::