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Rambling Thoughts – i

the windows are open and there is

a storm approaching.  The beauty of it

 all is that my entire bedroom is now

very fresh smelling.  Is that how

it feels right before a storm?  Love?  Maybe death?  

It is very human to attach a scent to a moment that

no longer exists.  And even more human to allow

time to steal them all away.

:: 0323-2017 ::


i see the night star shinning so brightly
i feel the pain within my soul …
how the air is my last Testament of dreams
i am a traveling soul without boundaries
and my elders lost their grip upon me
oh how much shall be revealed
when at last the sun beats down upon
my face oh oh …gentlemen kneel
as the clear skies rain
I am a chord of grace & not a word
heard i relate — oh, oh, yeah
oh, oh, how flesh eats my soul
How forefathers gave and their
women wept for their pain and love
rambling wondering and writing words
crying silently and never lord oh never
weeping the pain of my skin and soul
(wait for me) i cry oh how i know
| all i see turns to dirt |
and if a sound burns to ground
i sing with eyes /if i lose my mind
\ then with my mouth!/
Ooh some such angel oooooooooh
touch my Spirit.

:: 06.28.2021 ::

Mi barro son sonrisas

Mi barro son sonrisas

mi barro son mis sonrisas
entonces ella me preguntó
eres probable, e Libra
comiendo mi alma
desde dentro de tu
Imán Corazón: i
pensó y luego escribió
precis de ilusorio
palabras e imperdonable
Consejo que me gravó:
espina de cristal; es cada
pensado en tu mente:
todo comiendo orquídeas
y aliento de ángel de placenta
corrí hacia abajo para poder
confiesa de nuevo! ¡Oye!
todo pensamiento
pasa por tu invaluable

:: 22.07.2020 ::


WHILE tears DROP     inside
the cavern of m\y heart
   perform no miracles
for me,  but sun justify
laws to me which, as years
and elders of generations
pass on by —
   all soundlessly unfold
within a tall unforgiving house
   unfold, was one who arose from
this feast and so went forth —

 BECAUSE a voice from somewhere far
off in the East (ooh) spot which sought
  a great congregation extinguish my eyes
 i am blind.  and children scream, ”
trying to find you…”  
      where stands the great Church
which memory forget.”  

  Oh yellow desert stream in within
deep nights i dig for you, O  Treasure!

:: 07.07.2020 ::



JUST a worn pencil
and my heart
on paper wet by tears!
Dear who knew time
was that thief
that took youth away!

That we accept unwillingly
a cyclical passage of
humanity known as life:

which I refuse by all my heart

Love is unperturbed by time
and never ages, dear.

So, my love for you that timeless
stone you hold within your hand

Keep it near, it is all of me
my loving One!

:: 06-23-2015 ::


And by the clock of life
i heard the birds
begin at times by three
and some by four
and my heart by soul
i heard my spirit
and times of love
and pain o’fear
I paint their song
in deep red-kiss
A distant neighbor
came by to say,
“i heard the brook
speak your name
like water upon
the rocks!”
I took his hand
and said these words,
“Tis Love in all
of life!”

:: 03-08-2015 ::


WHAT does nature whisper
as she flows through your life
a gentle breeze across the fields
bending blade and stem

and you see such grandeur
through a car window
golden fields across deep blue
who loves you if not lovely nature

the lover who never cheats
showing lasting beauty
within her bosom
if not nature then whom?



AND WHEN I’m within
your warm and gentle arms
sing me to sleep
hush my baby —
close your teary eyes

Don’t try to awake me
you say —
because I will be over there
in the land of bliss
and I love you — you care

I won’t disturb your paradise
but only need some advice
what will it take to awake
when you’re gone and I’m alone

Hush my baby dear —
have more than faith
and don’t you fear
love is as it was…
and shall be with your heart

Sing to me
so I can live
and cherish
the heart God has given

Sing to me
Sing to me
Sing to me

Loving care
for our hearts
and damn the world


TO the beautiful woman
in blue and white —
apple bite smiles
— butterfly lash
from far flung land
of beaches so white
Your smile caught
in perpetual delight
i devour the pearl
of your eyes —
slender kiss finger
let me embrace the rays
of your eternal fire