South-South of North

                                                     Which way does the wind    blow today
                       is south-south of north?  Does pretending mean more?   I’m not sure
             i cleaned my cache but never my soul or mind             and today i thought:
“do i eat a banana or (maybe to entertain us) a strawberry?      i ATE the retainer for
this poem right now________i am worse than words; i was born in the middle of a group \
they fed upon me i got to know them > so stup\id   became Carl You/ng’s favorite theory
and if i am or were to be a fairey would you ask me?

Do you forget to taste the sun’s smile?
Does your heart define what is that never was?
Does your myth consider meat-speaking creatures?

Well now.

A human.  a shadow.  a ghost or stripper?  Something entertaining
or completely contagious?  Well.  Ha.  Yea.  

       i am not the wasn’t of any word        my middle group
stands with me always will \hello yokes  hello folks/
never said, “jokes’ but anything could change this: my itcy lover
here, some soap.  Make iridescent bubbles on those bubbles.

:: 02.08.2023 ::

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