Love, Madness, Death — A Trinity, Pure

Love, madness, death – a trinity, pure,
Whose depths I’ve plumbed, their secrets sought;
Yet still I search, forevermore,
For answers that can’t be bought.

Love, a fierce and passionate flame,
That burns so bright, it sears the soul;
A madness that none can ever tame,
A force that’s far beyond control.

Madness, a tempest wild and free,
A storm that rages deep within;
It twists and turns, consuming me,
Until my very essence thins.

Death, a quiet, peaceful rest,
A place where all my fears can cease;
A final breath, a gentle caress,
A release from this mortal lease.

But in love, madness, death entwined,
I find a beauty, pure and true;
A love that transcends space and time,
And binds my heart to only you.

For in your eyes, I see a light,
A spark that kindles flames anew;
A madness that consumes outright,
And death that brings me close to you.

So let us journey hand in hand,
Through love and madness, death and more;
For in this trinity we’ll stand,
Together, forevermore.

:: 02.23.2023 ::

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