Cadavre Exqis

WHERE are my poets? I yearn to play
an exquisite game of “Corpse Reviver.”
It’s known in French as “Cadavre exquis.”
Let’s come together, and with words so vivid,
paint pictures of beauty and delight.
My parlour’s set, the wine is poured,
Let our hearts and minds take flight!

:: 02.23.2023 ::

Poet’s words:

This poem has a playful tone and expresses the speaker’s desire to engage in a creative activity with other poets. The use of the phrase “Corpse Reviver” instead of “Exquisite Corpse” adds an element of intrigue and mystery to the poem.

The mention of the French name “Cadavre exquis” highlights the international and cross-cultural nature of the game and the creative process. The speaker’s invitation to “come together” and “paint pictures of beauty and delight” emphasizes the collaborative and communal nature of the activity, as well as the goal of creating something beautiful and inspiring.

The last two lines, “My parlour’s set, the wine is poured, / Let our hearts and minds take flight!” add a sense of excitement and anticipation, suggesting that the speaker and the other poets are ready to let their creativity soar and see where it takes them. Overall, the poem celebrates the joy of artistic expression and the power of collaboration and community in the creative process.

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