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THE world is committed to insanity;

our words stacked as skyscrapers

allow ants characters to escape
flooding water

as drowned bodies float

past the windows of office space.

:: 04-25-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c) 2019


i see your tears
hidden by years
of hiding yourself.

So sad, so lonely
So hard to have courage
within this world.

But i see your feelings
See me, see us, beautiful
like a rainbow.

Show me your smile
to see you laughing
makes them crazy.

Show yourself
Show yourself
Show yourself

So never be discouraged
So hard to be yourself
within this world.

And I see your love
And I see your strength
And that is why I love you!

So never be afraid
Never to be afraid
being afraid is dying.

:: 12-10-2017 ::


My little one, my little one!
Where have you gone?
Beneath the little bed perchance within
a closet full of brooms?
My little one! Hide and seek
is your favorite game but now i see i cannot
ever find the little one!
Life has given you the key to maturity and you now hide
within a fully grown one!
My little-big, my little-big!
so proud to find you all grown — the little one
no longer has to hide beneath the little bed!

:: 05-16-2014 ::


i saw me coming out of living life
where i am the tallest small no thing
and if what i have become IS thinking
changing and changing living, my lies
tear a hole inside what i could never
kill but i’ve tried and the clock tics -me
off- in all its talking about precious time
within a flickering stream and how i
choose to remember everything
||i remember every thing that begins with “a”
and through “z” and many other
symbols of expressive thought
my sweetest memory of fire:
till angry said it was pleased
and i turn around in the end
and see it all; flash bulb
of all that happened and
being alone in this stain of time
i return to being a sheep
in hay and every POUNDING MOMENT
of relentless time says ‘i must
move further from this and must

:: 08-01-2015 ::


there comes a moment when i die every day, and sometimes the
taste of lemon in my mouth and sometimes a fragrance of
regretful roses which stuns me since i forgot what love
smells like, mostly. i remember my childhood on sidewalks
on a tricycle and how i counted creases between slabs
of concrete never knowing i measured moments of
how my life would unfold — i think life is small feet
upon pedals where we sometimes slip and scrap our ankles.
When we are young and small the world is a very tall and
scary place; when we’re grown it’s even more so.
i remember ice cream and a bright moon at night too.
Mostly i remember freedom from all ideology and prejudice
which i have fiercely tried to keep within my heart.

:: 07-25-2015 ::


O that tender
little time!
to wish it more
as long as
the greatest
That was
cleansed by love
and removed all
gloom and pain
and remaining,
the tears
of all mothers
and fathers
weeping holding
the seashell
voices of baby
O what little time
no more than
thimble that we
make miracle!
and for me!  I
keep my seashell
upon the shore
of that greatest
ocean called forever!

:: 02-21-2015 ::


UPON the surface of watery skies
below the waves of forgotten memory
you forgot the smile and her sun
and I drowned in daily life

And for just today you remember
a silent gaze for the moment
you saw my smile in your heart
upon the surface of watery skies

You swore a law you never abide
so you broke the half of sun
in my arms you fell inside
and the skies forever cry

If you ever stay in a place
i watch your feet as they run
always away into watery skies
i forgot the sun in his jealous way

And i swim up above reaching sky
while i see my heart drowning
below the waves of forgotten memory
and you forgot the smile and her sun

while i drown in daily life //

:: 11-10-2014 ::


Slender time
such silk!
A memory
and life
slender too!

:: 05-19-2014 ::


What love lost did not gain
a pittance for memories
of a grand life remain
To see the mysteries
that such power gives
more than enough for tears
What love held never lost
but tucked away somewhere
between moon and stars

:: 02-23-2014 ::


Sad Cafe - Large
(c) E.P. Robles 2013

MA BELLE they say
in France this day
I fear such fools
who speak in vain
such words today

Don’t try to explain
your life mon cher
I’m just a romantic fool
that allows your heels
to dance upon my heart

You speak, I cry
I laugh, you scream
What bad seeds thrown
wild weeds do grow
You think, I know

My love no regret
You speak, I listen
such is ma bichette
My tears are absent
such rivers ran dry

My love no regret
such days as this
love lives on
regardless of what’s spent

:: 01-31-2014 ::