The War Drums Shake

O, the heroes fought for honor and for life,
With swords and shields, they clashed in epic strife,
A struggle for power, an ancient lore,
As armies faced each other, ready for war.

The land was torn, with darkness all around,
Death and destruction, the only sounds,
The sky was blackened, with thunder and rain,
As both sides fought, with both victory and pain.

But amidst the chaos, a hero did arise,
With a sword in hand, and fire in his eyes,
He charged into battle, with resolve so fierce,
And fought for his people, with courage unperished.

The battle raged on, with no end in sight,
As both sides fought with all their might,
But with a final blow, the hero prevailed,
And the darkness fled, as the light prevailed.

The people rejoiced, and the hero was hailed,
As the savior of their land, the one who prevailed,
And though the battle was over, the scars remained,
A reminder of the price of freedom gained.

And so the story lives on, of the battle of undying mortals
of heroes who fought, and the ones who fell before,
It’s a tale of bravery, and the cost of war,
A reminder that freedom comes at a great, great cost.

:: 05.08.2023 ::

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