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no need
for military  solutions/police
::please oh please::
the holy church ___
  if we say this first, ”
if i ever lost faith within Life
  i lose faith in YOU
oh yeah, within you & me  FAITH
  so say this and much worse
we drink the water of Life
   (oh look oh there she goes
i stared within a greatest sunshine)
no need
for poets, artists nor me —
I closed  my eyes to EXIST.

:: 07.16.2020 ::

no need to eat politicians
if the world has faith in

THERESE Malfatti

DID you perchance
upon the lance
of brilliant genius
touch the heart
of one keyboardist?
Für Elise~
(Herr Beethoven!)
That every student
across the world
who learns the keys
plays your heart
and He? Toward the
floorboards upon
his knees knowing
beauty and nature
are separated by
composure and ethics
one piece of
famous score!
Applause for
love and soul!

:: 07-10-2015 ::

SYMPHONY NO 7, 2ND MOVEMENT (Herr Beethoven)

BE still bea-
ting aching
wishing dream(ing)
h e A R T
when nowhere lines
the treeline of
life and com-
passion!  Be well
beating fists
upon my mind!
over Ocean’s voice
through seagull’s throat
that mortal path
beneath restless
d r e a m  s
TO WISH is butterfly
wings!  To awaken:
rebirth of Life!

:: 06-09-2015 ::