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ALONG THE SHORTEST ROAD (a treacherous journey)

along the shorest road ever (a treacherous journey) an opening appeared before me;

bright equations bleeding time squished all memory of what i was i am or might be–

A preponderance of suddenly)meets the long Shaman of My Thoughts. i lassoed upon

a moat of dust (cherubs swinging cherubs singing) & road myself)not that way(toward

a whole certain corner )_and touched mySelf searched mySelf…forget mySelf when i

think of who many broken Kewpie dolls cry silently foreverfully and mySelf and

myHeart and mySoul invent grand ideas of an Enormous Language

that touches all hearts.

:: 02.07.08 ::


HOW many likes does it take
to get to the center
of an ego



HIGHER BEING:  “No, no, no, that’s a terrible idea.
We desire they live only so long,
seventy-years at best.”

CREATOR:  “But, love is eternal!”

HIGHER BEING:  “Then let them love in death!”

:: 09-25-2014 ::