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if LOVE then we/AS were-Able to defeat
boredom by familiar Strategies (whispering)
a discovery of unknown lands of each
other’s bodies \AND minds too, yes minds
too is how you Reached Deeply within my Heart
by way of Unique Thoughts my dear love; squish
boredom with my Mind–kissME here and here
and even there!

:: 03.21.2020 ::


the sound of forgetting is beautiful
and requires no talent ;
all one must do is Remain
Silent upon a beating drum
then one must think of
& one must believe in
Miracles before these events called for—>
getting grow within fields we have forgotten
but still walk upon _/–\_ while recognizing
all the spots where we have hidden our land-
Mines — all within fear_______________&
empty space is the sound of forgetting.

:: 03.07.2020 ::


TOOTH baby teething sucking a thumb
wants to walk to the kitchen to
pull nurturer’s apron string away
it’s more than a feeling falling
a w ay || A 6′ x 5′ cell
angry at all the minions who
gave him a reason to sell his
own life away /\ away i dream
so low so low slow
so low so low slow
so low so low slow
So much i’m feeling
baby steps through penal systems
Lord i’m so gone i’m so low
Lord i’m so gone i’m so low
Lord i’m so gone i’m so low
If i could go back i’d bake a cake
if i could go back i’d make a date
if i could go back i’d fake a rape
just an embryo caught in libido
just an eye crossed against life
just an excuse to never feel more
And when lights grow low the smell
of frustration walks down the halls
and i eat the world away in tears
oh low oh low oh low hello so low
oh low oh hello so low!

:: 11062015 ::