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WORDS are dying everyday
(within my mind) LOVE i gave
too much (sometimes)
the weather is us ||
and science an empty heart ||
LOVE, we shared our lives
for a time: i command your
face is the way it was in
grand facade and without notice
i am always complete with
knowing i saw the Light & Heat
within your eyes / so WORDS:
to express so much wasted
pain & these moments keep slipping

:: 07.16.2020 ::


I knew you in my melted golden fields
(so give me your hands upon my face)
I knew you in my fields of youthful bliss
i crumbled in tears too
i stood tall then fell eagerly
to remember how i helped you to escape
but you left me in ashes // together\\
i knew you in my melted golden dreams
(so give me your heart upon my soul)
I knew you in my eyes of sightless hope!
i drowned so far away from you Oh!
I knew you i knew you!
i knew you and so i cried remembering
how death touched our love –~ A flower
within a thing of thorns that never says
how, “i knew you in my melted golden fields”
(if this life is not worth living i give
it to God if the devil doesn’t catch it)
and don’t cry sweet lover — it’s never
the end of our smiles and happy times
and the fire eats everything good
but that’s no way to live — living i say
i have so good the memories of you
baby you gave me a life i never knew
and i knew you within my melted golden fields
so give me your hands upon my face baby

:: 09222015 ::