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WORDS are dying everyday
(within my mind) LOVE i gave
too much (sometimes)
the weather is us ||
and science an empty heart ||
LOVE, we shared our lives
for a time: i command your
face is the way it was in
grand facade and without notice
i am always complete with
knowing i saw the Light & Heat
within your eyes / so WORDS:
to express so much wasted
pain & these moments keep slipping

:: 07.16.2020 ::


Saw the doctor and told him of
all my ails — took off my shirt
and he checked the ticker inside
my skin
after an hour of listing to all the
trouble i’ve seen so far in life
he gave me a slip of paper
and said, “son, run through
that door and down the street
and see the pharmacist”
i shook my head and grabbed
my shirt, didn’t even put it back on
and made a beeline to the CVS
the clerk at the counter took the
slip and shook his head and walked
into the back of his pills and liquids
i didn’t know what else to do so
i followed my doc’s instructions and
glad i did — the pharmacist returned
and placed a 5th of Johnny Walker
on the counter and said, “take 5 shots
a night to cure all your troubles away”
Ha ha, i said a prayer leaving the store
and figured i’ll keep my doctor by
my side.
:: 07-25-2015 ::