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just once(a last chance) before
any given letter-day of my yearnings
— years, both are good on fair-
weathered daze,
my Treasures buried deeply There
across Sarah-ahara dunes conically
tease my eyeSky longings pointed
severely at my eyes I gushingly
lustfully kiss your flowerLips
and My desert of Desolation blooms

:: 09-03-2014 ::


Bathory —
or remedy
for tuberculosis?
You — eccentric
woman of red
drank the souls
of all the dead
And Mary Shelly
licked the dreams
a color of Carmine
— raw pigment
of creativity!

:: 08-21-2014 ::


The road built by fire
cleanses the soul
but the one by flower
can steal the soul

:: 08-15-2014 ::


I rode upon the highway —
heat, dry-sweat today
Glided through a red light
all the way to your
empty uterus parking spot
The organ grinder and
his spotted monkey
entertained me while
I sat in a cadmium-baked car
Majora, my minora sweets
melting in a box next to me
A prostate nun knocked
a holy rap upon my white-knuckle
scarred heart — a dollar
fallopian boo scared her away

Separation of faith and fear!
Wait!  Lawless pride forever
guides the human less race!
Just another broken dream
and face shattered in you

Mother Less pulled my tubes
drank a spotless juice
Freddy Gargoyle Blue sang
Wait! Lawless Pride forever
guide the human less race!
Just another broken tooth
a heart broken…

a heart broken in two

:: 08-15-2014 ::


SO delicately
I said to
the VOID:
“I love you.”
And quietly
I listened…

:: 07-23-2014 ::


OH what desire my soul-partner is today
    always today as any day forever
(I hope she stays) that fire
On the wet walk of life she still burns
through life’s ice ages and tsunamis
and that broken ageless disaster
— a falling out of fantasy from
time – to – time (it comes)

I desire she admits our desire acquits
the crime of lust and love and anger
bit my tongue and I bled she kissed
(drank it) and filled our hearts
The red rose in the room smelled
assault of heart and love-fought
The bee queen saved her delicate sting
I sucked it and savored her tips

Honey is a golden soul that drips
s l o w l y  upon my broken knees
Her running rain across my ancient
nameless country of man-chest
she climbed the peak and pierced
herself upon the snow-gods of lust
Springtime flooded the valley down
where sweet little souls grow

And I, oh you, we go picking berries
figural of hearts we touch-pluck
and squeeze between our canine teeth
beauty bleeds sweetly when in love

:: 07-17-2014 ::


Your dolls grin in my summer
melted silver-plastic sins
and I heard a crow caw
all for my belated needs
I never tended to life
and I find myself six feet deep
My pall bearer lover needs
me and my simple sweet soul
All for you I oiled your soul machine
and I am cosmic mechanic heart
I have the skills to fix your devour-mouth
My pall bearer sees crow caw
and I’m still six feet under…
Under your high heel career
and Versace style psychotic need
And who (you) bury my bleeding
I keep your longest kiss under
— neath my broken bone cap knees
and nothing hurts like your mouth

: 07-16-2014 ::


I have a lover who runs
away f r. O m my own
the ink bled so she runs
my reposed prose dead
but her. A quick feet contains
the voice I have somewhere
in my cellar brain attic heart
I touched her skirt tonight
to morrow I feel her breast
and rip out her letter-mind
I shall eat her until she cums
(Comes) inside my factory wordsmith
–> heart

:: 07-03-2014 ::


did you see!  my kiss
in that breeze
maybe you saw
a butterfly-heart
wet and brilliant
flutter by
flutter heart
what season of love
my sun-bliss kiss
upon tiny lips
tulips to kiss!
that butterfly heart
a summer’s dream too

:: 04-22-2014 ::


I went to an estate sale
and found the love of ages
and she was dead but alive
and my life fell into her

and I rode that drive
the rode of evermore
and the past became
it became my now

Your fashion so high
not like the plastic
those girls who think
a woman is a label

and I ride and walk
and walk and ride
and the road is long
and the end is never

I sang a song today
but the night claims
the words I sing tonight
and the day weeps now

I say, “so la la la la”
and the devils cry
and the angels bow

tonight we ride ages
and time is ours girl
and from dirt to flesh
tonight a breath for you

:: 04-02-2014 ::