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No longer a thought
within my brain,
the mortician lay me
down to sleep

a scream i refrained
surfaced as white
within my eyes
that none had bought

my vitals he checked
and thumped my nose
as a creep

a bath and massage
no dance but song
two strong hands
then set my face

arterial embalming
then drain/eject
it’s all the same
the cavity —
aspirate and concentrate

The humming thrumming
burning desire
escaped as soon as with
a pop I fled my skin
and faced the choice
to do it once again.

:: 10-23-2018 ::


MY heavy silent voice
the lush lust flesh
a lost paradise
the war that tore
centuries of Nation
my beautiful one
I die(d) many times
and here I stand
firmly attesting love
and await you — love
forEVER through time
I ate my sanity save
my love which keeps me
— my heavy silent voice

:: 06-10-2014 ::


It was so beautiful
before this age
and that died for love
I did a difficult day

when the water i met
and left the world
now back am i
and have to say

nothing has changed

memories of a past
which helps does not
beautiful is life!
but humans still beasts!
who killed me
more than once
but praise I do
that River of Life!

:: 04-29-2014 ::


I went to an estate sale
and found the love of ages
and she was dead but alive
and my life fell into her

and I rode that drive
the rode of evermore
and the past became
it became my now

Your fashion so high
not like the plastic
those girls who think
a woman is a label

and I ride and walk
and walk and ride
and the road is long
and the end is never

I sang a song today
but the night claims
the words I sing tonight
and the day weeps now

I say, “so la la la la”
and the devils cry
and the angels bow

tonight we ride ages
and time is ours girl
and from dirt to flesh
tonight a breath for you

:: 04-02-2014 ::


YOU love simply and love-adore
before the first
tiny footstep

hush baby breath

the gift you gave twinkle eye
baby hand hug so tight

your soul beyond the gulf
timeless space-fizzy-place

I live just for now my child
to bring you here — for awhile
thank you for this honor!

such sorrow my time is short…

but we have eternal roles
I shall see you again-again

:: 02-10-2014 ::


in the echo i heard your name
a hollow thing rang in heart
inside a bell the bats flew
what i knew i could not see
but my conscious knew it well
we took too much time and today
our paths should have never crossed

my belle dance the shadow night
until we meet another place
another time we’ll give it all

i could ever wish to match
the beauty of this love
this beauty pure simple beauty

:: 02-14-2014 ::


YOU whispered
empty nothings
and kissed my face
and had me
walk the plank
— beneath me
hungry sharks
I asked you for a raft
But you gave
— me nothing
For you I showed
an ocean full of love
But you set your sails
into such stormy seas
Our treasure
— then I buried
on our secret island
but you burned
the map within your bosom
I kissed you when
a dead fish you were
and watered your
sun-parched gills
So said the Pisces
— we swim so well
— all it takes
is a blood clot will
Drown I might as well
in locked-shaped death
Beneath your waves
I vomit Flotsam jetsam