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i told MYSELF why are you so little?
The inside of me grew angry.
“I know.” i said to that inner voice.
But we both know what you are.
That one who keeps some light out
of this traveling Soul. And so, it
knew.  Then, well, it was all tears.
Just a torrential downfall of tears
that raged inside ‘me.’  Like I understand
what ‘me’ is or what, ‘it’ is or how or
anything about self-actualization.
So I told MYSELF:  you really are not
that little.
You carry me.

:: 11.16.2021 ::


if have i if i
had high while all
little beauties were
dying i had them all
within just ‘me’
is the beauties that
seem to always be
that most pain.

e.p.robles (c)2019
:: 02/09/2019 ::


WITHIN a moment
Inside this morning
And gossamer floating
Within this moaning
Across the hills
beyond the clouds
Beneath the soil
And through the seas
Happened –

To find me!

A release of joy
A piece of peace
A taste of lore

And i found me

Within this morning
Within this moment
Across the hills
Beyond the clouds
Beneath the soil
And through the seas

It happened –
i found me!

:: 01-23-2018 ::


i do miss
the feathered
the tickle-beak
upon my hand
as i feed her
with all my

d r e a m s
flying dreams!

:: ~~ ::


AND when I walked
the path toward the light
and you said that I could not see
what you meant was nothing darkness
and in the light I knew your heart
it was made of clay and dirt
and in this dirt you woke me up
and I saw the light within you
and we made the world into this rock
and so we reap now what we sow

Who will see the light within this darkness
who will make some sense of this?
I can only hope for light and love
and love is what we need this day

You will see light in the darkness
you will make some sense of this
and in the morning when you awaken
there will be a butterfly for you

Who will see the light within the dark
can you take this staff of light
and make it yours to remake this world?
I give you the dream of living life

::01-02/2014 ::


WE toil in obscure fashion
but only so – until innovation
Elais Howe’s sewing machine
– a stitch in time

And detritus pepper life
So lovingly Hess’ vacuum cleaner
pulls us from dirt to God-clean

Remiss the typed word without
–Shole’s typewriter
Clackety-CLACK impressed words!

Oh this man saved us all
– Seth Wheeler’s toilet paper

But the grand techno-god
– Tesla’s electric power ac
humble praise for off-worldness

Back to terra firma
– Elisha Gray’s Telegraph
Lost rights to Mr. Bell

We have a grand audience
the universe rivetedly watches
What new innovation say we!

God-like soon — be we soon
the tower of babel-speak
Let’s rejoice!
God-kiss soul!