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A heatwave visited today carried by winds and star tears; it touched me.  
A vanilla taste warned amygdala as I was cycling back from hill country
away from dust beasts that live beyond the wooden bridge near the
dried out lakes of lost souls.  

That infernal star dropped across the horizon and bounced from Dallas
to San Antonio leaving burn prints like dots begging for carbon pressed
lines between death and destruction.

  I almost made it home but the star tears started to fall and such power
is resistant to prayers and dreams.  

As they fell the Earth opened up like onion paper against a furnace.

  I forget everything at that moment.


:: 07.25.2020 ::


i love the silence you give me
so still and quiet
contemplating your situation,
so appreciated!  And you
haven’t said a word
— forever
ever!  i saw your eyes;
coins kept in place
any opportunity for you
to see!  A pity.  But lovely
how the stitches crawl
up toward your heart
keeping promises forever
oh, um, forever sewn
like it’s so much grief
a life cut short by disease
we can scientifically call
fucking life.
yeah.  YEAH!  And you
and Mozart decompose
the score of a thing
called purple life
it’s only me so don’t cry
and you smell…formaldehyde
but your lips still grin

:: 03-08-2015 ::