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DEATH sheltered upon the spit of dying souls;
sun and heat a giant cat with one flat foot
upon a devil’s wing — the homosexual and
amorous spirits that cross a garden in dead
of night make scary sounds.
my throat an elevator from heaven descending
toward hell with every swallow; my non-
existent ring upon a broken finger as throbbing
sexual oysters.

to smell the clean spirit of angels are as hanging
clothes upon a clothesline within a Spring’s breeze.

:: 09.21.2020 ::


the carnival-like brass band
performing songbird miracles

of you, worn within my heart
all life; never quitting
until dead

sunrises as torn muscles
amorous and petting a cat
that adores thoughts

through the crack of heaven
i slid toward burning hell
all my thoughts —

and now fate kisses me and
we love each other is called

:: 08.17.2020


Listen. Today i lost my voice — it left upward looking for my mind.
sometimes the strangeness of Life becomes reality and nothing more.
today i found myself within a garden of snakes and meat-devouring
plants. If not for the purple skies it would have been a wasted
experience. Meeting God was an experience before i found myself
inside a fetus that became my physical body.
the doves sang a brilliant but sometimes somber song;
peace of a piece so small it became nothing before i could
touch it’s sharp and exquisite edge.
Today i lost my mind.
and my voice flew downward looking for sanity.

:: 09.11.2020 ::


A heatwave visited today carried by winds and star tears; it touched me.  
A vanilla taste warned amygdala as I was cycling back from hill country
away from dust beasts that live beyond the wooden bridge near the
dried out lakes of lost souls.  

That infernal star dropped across the horizon and bounced from Dallas
to San Antonio leaving burn prints like dots begging for carbon pressed
lines between death and destruction.

  I almost made it home but the star tears started to fall and such power
is resistant to prayers and dreams.  

As they fell the Earth opened up like onion paper against a furnace.

  I forget everything at that moment.


:: 07.25.2020 ::


WITHIN all this time
within my frail skin
my mighty heart still lies
she made a warm soup
while i wandered as a lonely
cloud that floats outside
a window while at night (dreaming):
A host of tellings —
a sickle of amazing sun-honey
lit hearts — beside the lake,
beneath trees, we thrived &
danced within the immortal winds.

:: 07.24.2020 ::


WHO ever promised a soul
who ever prophetized love
who ever it was
had no human name
or so

it seems
dropping in pieces
falling in me’s and you’s
dropping in reasons
i’m calling it cream of you

Falling every way in small
pieces of insanity
i can see brilliant
Light of Life
it is chasing my chakra-heart

born north of Tropicana
i landed upon the back of a blue
scarab and went for a world-tour
and met anyone who is/has been/was/
will be anyone and so several times
came across me. Seemed i was doing
something against nature walking
in through the outdoor

:: 07.19.2020 ::


AND your strawberry eyes
with a sweet liquor!
a ,”NOBODY’s” Spirit sang
\ my own heart!
(i need) A Sweet sender brought
a wind of over-under Wonder!
(calling un)in(to despair)
fat lady sing!how
i love a mostly Large-almond-Love woman
each famous heart finding love must
end in each of everything____ (so many years
pass since I first wrote my last note)
around a wounded mind
of little fingers! A n d love is no wrong
with(a lot of you and me the faith of spirit)
c o n f i r m e d in heaven’s
solid congress! –> the message with a castes
blue bottle unto the gaping mouth of hungry

:: 03-12-2015 ::
:Rev 06.23.2020 ::


HOPING is a giant hammer, terrifying, and insane
at tender times, while the heart hides away;
crying like laughter releases compressed
emotions — this is no wrong or right but a golden
trumpet, teeth shattering upon each note played___
the paunch of my feelings gilded wainscoting.
Wonder ing if Heaven has graveyards — the hope
of dying twice/once in hell upon Earth the other
one inch inside the pearled gates.

:: 06.20.2020 ::


wings of glory

i have read the /\
and around the madness this

/come comes came the literary
–> literal wisdom of Ages___soon
to be BORN. i shall never dress
my head with butter but with sunLit
grace of the Great Thing. That who
ever made my tongue so sharp__family
or the gift of lit chrome Souls.
I know nothing between the inferior
thoughts of humans & science. I am
no thing you see of me: this skin of
chemistry and biological folly — that may
burn my skin and hunt my mind______do not
drink the ancestors of those of Mighty Race!

I have entered the true kingdom of “the Dead
within my stomach!” As when the moment pitches
hunger and as God is my Strength! I have devotion
for the weak and treaded lives. I am as far gone
as their life who once flowed through work — now
adrift above the common sense of adulation.
That i die in Hell of tormented affection i bleed
upon the noble ambition of my baptism of Life.
what is this judgment of perfection? The stones
within the Lake of Horror of my stupidity___ you
if strong come — otherwise keep your distance!
No faith in history no jealous pity from other
poets. I am no longer of this world. Hell! Within your
ecstasy close your deformed eyes and the cruelty of humanity
you feed my brain — paint your future popular paintings
and write your operas and unpopular poetry! Rudiments
of Madness and your invented words and colors!


i asked the vast unknown if it knew
me___a taste of dirt i spat; an unraveling became
of me as though falling into and through a rabbit’s hole.
but One outside of space &
time — where nothing Human
is said, worn or told: again unraveling into a deeper sense
of nonsense whom once i was be-
came nothing More.

Is what this is more:

More, so much more!

:: 05.13.2020 ::