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\Into that fire so brief, death:
an organ untuned-Springfest, the last…
we spoke-tear; oh dear —
gave console to eternal words
not from fear!
i have a perfect stain & you
beauty-cry and ate the heart:
my resolve strong an arm upon
my heart cascading tears-girl
(does she know?) that
love and life demand
joy, fear, life, & love?
her dress ddrips blood
so long dreams sang the phantoms
in the skies — here comes life!

:: 03-12-2014 ::
rev: 08212020


A heatwave visited today carried by winds and star tears; it touched me.  
A vanilla taste warned amygdala as I was cycling back from hill country
away from dust beasts that live beyond the wooden bridge near the
dried out lakes of lost souls.  

That infernal star dropped across the horizon and bounced from Dallas
to San Antonio leaving burn prints like dots begging for carbon pressed
lines between death and destruction.

  I almost made it home but the star tears started to fall and such power
is resistant to prayers and dreams.  

As they fell the Earth opened up like onion paper against a furnace.

  I forget everything at that moment.


:: 07.25.2020 ::


Ernest Robles
4:38 PM (3 minutes ago)
to me


OCEAN SEA orchids
chase my life like
a drowning human locked
within your Jonesy Box
as depth as a water-trap
ocean ate-your-flesh
and left priceless complaints
— all deep within an ocean-cold
ice/falling below depts__
maybe eating orchids of wondrous
remedies i came across fallen angel’s
hair and partook within baby’s breath
/the world thrown down — ruinous
unbiblical nooses and racial complaints
! hell no. enough is enough NOW.

:: 07.22.2020 ::

A hundred cantons – ii

what dreams sweet life soul
that earth soil so wet-dew
then that-touching
drops of sorrow/feelings
mine council doubt this dream
yet release thee budding light this day
such philosophy paunch thy heart
love now skip treacle and grail
passion fuel thou vessel tickle-being spur now
and truth
‘i heart bleed red now and breath push thou
rhythmic lover thou granted me
the reason ‘i this instant
o’ springtime lips


She sees the birth of a heart shaped
universe     oh those newborn stars__&
the godlike heat of afterbirth
    eons dreamt of a life
& future stages Unraveled by space-time \
hiccups/she burped an infant cosmos
and fed milk elemental detris & debris
AS love is the rule
and nothing trespasses
   Order from chaos bleeds then dries
gases Of gossamer floating streams;
   she nurtures her infant to adolescence
 swirls of formation, heat, and color
white and golds and blues and yellow
darkness separates for glow and life
    i crushed the glow-worm.

:: 06.30.2020 ::


little-voice my biggest
tender tiny heart-Fire
burn my lipSoul when
all my words — sleeping
I tuck them beneath
the country-prose of
my land of living words
my little voice, tenderly!
within the hands I write
I hold your flowerHeart
and scribe the love within
the land of living words
and remain forever yours,
my living word!

:: 10-05-2014 ::