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I was the perfect
appliance for you
fitting so nicely
between your stove
and kitchen sink

I saved you time
and cooked dreams
a perfect buddy
I wiped your tears
when your apron
hugged too tight

I reminded you
of a promise
your tears soaked
into the stonework
and my song
killed the moment
when I sang it…

I am a dream
in your brain
a domestic fear
you have to run
a perfect dream
so special dear
you run from me

I promise dear
a warranty too
our secret washes
and cycles heat
leave no stains
just lemmon bright

I save you time
a special moment
when life holds you
and role models die
but sweetheart hear
that you are perfect

you are a dream
more than he knows
you’re fucking special
so fucking special
you are a dream girl
and i love you so much

:: 04-14-2014 ::



and what of that desire
a pouring rain,

from the heavens, fall
through the funnel skies —
a splatter upon my roof

slanted tiles stacked.  Yet,
another journey in the fall

a figural shaped as my heart
your tears seep into me that

ground of my spirit
a split

thunder-lightning show my face

from a celestial eye came tears

as an arrow

— my own eyes

that target

your tears pierced into
that countryside haven
and found your home
within my lonely soul
i kiss the tears
that bare your fire

:: 04-09-2014 ::



a clean sheet that paper
at birth not a scribble
a play yet to unfold

what character, will be?
and narrative to drive
that actor’s soul-stage

a setup from the start
and conflict in the wings
a resolution for life

we, the fictional
take our lines
from the Divine

and genre —
make mine romance
and not this horror

:: 04-08-2014 ::

THE CALLING CARD (19th Century)

MY calling card you touched
a heavy stock and rough
that dream in stocking
those days a top hat
and knickers as much
the rules of etiquette
distribute upon my visits
that servant received
the card upon silver tray
and you would accept
my calling that day
if away that servant
would save my calling
and return I would —
another day
unless you sent to me
a card in envelope
and I would know then
a cold brush-off today
Such eloquence is lost
a great manner extinguished
but rare be the man today
that keeps tradition
a respect for women

:: 04-04-2014 ::


I went to an estate sale
and found the love of ages
and she was dead but alive
and my life fell into her

and I rode that drive
the rode of evermore
and the past became
it became my now

Your fashion so high
not like the plastic
those girls who think
a woman is a label

and I ride and walk
and walk and ride
and the road is long
and the end is never

I sang a song today
but the night claims
the words I sing tonight
and the day weeps now

I say, “so la la la la”
and the devils cry
and the angels bow

tonight we ride ages
and time is ours girl
and from dirt to flesh
tonight a breath for you

:: 04-02-2014 ::


Beside of me

and into me
Poseidon’s spear thrust
heaving chalice breasts
and white cap foamy waves
what sin

no shame    of me
nature does what she need

:: 04-01-2014 ::


That slipper from a night
I found upon my doorstep
So elegant thou foot be
That I should die to know
the rest of you jewel-eye
Mystery woman of night
I fall to deep dreams
and die each heart-beat
Come to me woman
there within your garden
eternally I shall always wait

:: 03-01-2014 ::


That slipper from a night
I found upon my doorstep
so elegant thou foot be
that I should die to know
the rest of you jewel eye
mystery woman of night
I fall to deep dreams
and die each heart beat
Come to me woman
there within your garden
Eternally I shall always wait

:: 03-01-2014 ::


(Image Courtesy of Google Images)

AND that smooth move between my thoughts
a silky maneuver like satin sheets
bringing closure to a hot filled night
teasing glances below the limelight
the dance floor buzzing firefly lights

And here you are majesty in crown
my throne bows below the bow
and the sails are full of hot wind
sailing across the sea of love
my rudderless passion bound for land

A shipwreck is all I desire lover
just a spot in the tropics girl
coconuts, sand, flesh and you
whitecapping slapping passion waves
kissing starfish licking shells in you

:: 02-25-2014 ::


should not refrain from love
which I pour from fragile heart
tis a thing so gentle-be you see
that I give to only you for life

come here my darling bunny-bride
let us discover new pleasures —
and kiss and lick and nibble
i hear that Spring comes so soon

:: 02-14-2014 ::