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FEELING  telling DYing yelling
screaming painful words my love
I should banish my tongue dear
The world and love would praise this
feat I cannot bear
;I am the fear
that adores you
The hidden heart
of a broken soul
So love me and
especially hate
the little spot
I possess called
fear;  I kiss you
a million hearts
//my enduring lover

:: 06-20-2015 ::

The Lover In a Hailstorm

mind, running heart
and dimmed eyes,
I once loved
a beautiful soul
who became
my life only to fold
and crease
my heart squared neatly:
Her lips spoke without
words and mine too,
like dying petals in
a dark hailstorm!
I saw within her eyes
a thank you
and then the spark gone!
and the hell storm
never ceased;
tearing petals from
all the world’s flowers!

:: 02-21-2015 ::


My fields my love i tend to
walk by heart these days
my life like my soul
like the clouds above
a kiss upon the light
that breaks the night
when sun grows so lonely
it tears the two apart
like my heart with you
like day or night
i walk the fields my love
to tend to life
and my feet unbearably
walk upon your heart
the rich soil of your soul

:: 11-02-2014 ::


AND you, my strange brilliant
flower of loveAndColor
what HipLip my true desire!
Like fermented moonlight
the drunkness, my heart.

And rolling upon and o’er
the banks of my soulRiver,
we too, drinkers of the fog!

And each starlit candle
above the miracle-love,
we two, within our fog!
The cherub lay moist
against our spirit’s love.

Oh my lover which I love,
like yellow globes,
burning in this night!
Forgive the trespass
of my eager-needing heart!

I might of born-be sorrowful
heart —
but our crowns of gold
keep sight upon our souls

:: 10-24-2014 ::