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roots and nerves
move dirt
boots and struts
make us
a brilliant nightmare
of sherbet lip-tasting
tears of a broken one
who knows any ‘thing’
but that ‘thing’ we find
killing us all slowly.

:: 07.23.2020 ::


if I LOVE what be more
that I express—stumble tumble
my tears a leg broken shoe
I should not beg the spot
where love that touched
the center of my yellow sun
so I love what never-touched
that red blot center of your heart
and if I love what be more?

:: 06-09-2014 ::

Esther אֶסְתֵּר

the gentle gesture    of thanks
wishing all best —
loving all you read
i thank you so very kindly
for how you showed interest
in my own silly words!

again, thank you!

:: 07-08-2015 ::