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roots and nerves
move dirt
boots and struts
make us
a brilliant nightmare
of sherbet lip-tasting
tears of a broken one
who knows any ‘thing’
but that ‘thing’ we find
killing us all slowly.

:: 07.23.2020 ::


THE distinguishing Nature of ‘something’
is a character supported by a glyph.
   within the mental imagery
   of emotions.
We call it ‘words’.

As if we never noticed the rising Sun!
  that we never ever felt the sinking
Moon whilst upon a beautiful date
   is how one destroys things :  place
your tongue upon the palate.
   THE sides are for flavor but the top
and bottom taste Life.

:: 07.12.2020 ::

[ideas i used to slay the Western
Alphabet.  Next book:  to rebuild
from those ashes]

THE HUNTED (with some difficulty)

with some difficulty;
one father
and one mother —(.)
a soul and siblings
in whereAFTER (lost possibilities)
a lost brother by (a lot, life said)
DIED by thirty-three stab
WOULD-wounds kill the Master of
(take me) evil-life if i take me
away from you — it’s not my life
dancing mannequins inside a casket
of my personal memories: so broken,
so broken is he — || — broken.
OH! i live believing you’ll take
me away from you oh i see my life
still-born like lightning tearing
ozone and making rain from tears
mountains creeping up toward my
heart and angels look at me
with shame they did nothing.
I’m a child in a home with no
one to comfort and my Father
where were you? Don’t ever take
me home — away from you i go,
and your son too.

:: 07-30-2015 ::


YESTERDAY was a wet sorrow fallen from a leaf
and I picked up the pieces of your broken heart
I thought a skip or two from the hip of my heart
would correct the limp of your soul and spirit
Now you, my friend, have serious damage of life
(I commend the spirit of your endeavor lover)
But now I refrain from the flame of destruction
but love the teeter-totter of fatalistic love
(hush my love just bite the lip of fate for us)
and now my shoes have lost their sole —
and souls of those that walk without so much
begin to regret the price of one-for-two
Pretty woman…(yes my love) pretty woman
I cannot deny the love that keeps my orbit
Pretty women…(so my love?) pretty women
I run in circles trying to find your reason
run I do when my lungs collapse from denial
Let my sorrow burn the fields of flowers
from your maddening sickness in this season