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walking down a beam of wood

and over the muscles of a

raging river a duckling floats

by in plastic yellow and crying

oh duckling sweet toy

someone should save us!

a cloud fluffs and coughingly

sings: my little gifts my saddened

fleshy fish we love you —- i

dip a toe into the water’s eye

o say o no o my ooh such fresh

feelings as the duckling falls over

head first across the water’s edge |||

a paper boat with a tall mast

floats by…

:: 09-13-2018 ::


HEROES walking so softly
l i ke
my feet cry like my heart
consequently ourLife demand
in bed the dreams make
breakfast for us
just a time like lovers
love — you can never leave
and for a change i gave you
me…believe in me

In me i see the neverSpace
without you meDied
and another time you lived
and forgot my soul believe
believe…believe in me
The universe has her heart
but her sisters — untold numbers
so goodnight…i see you everywhere

and if everyShould took my life
i should say it lives within me
and you, if you climbed into light
you would see me…there across
the megaVerse of my Love for you
and I beautifully believed in you
tonight, my feet cry like my heart
i crucified my Brother-in-one,
and another, gave the world
justfor the beating heart
of you…and for a change
i gave you
me, believe in me…

:: 11-04-2014 ::


WE toil in obscure fashion
but only so – until innovation
Elais Howe’s sewing machine
– a stitch in time

And detritus pepper life
So lovingly Hess’ vacuum cleaner
pulls us from dirt to God-clean

Remiss the typed word without
–Shole’s typewriter
Clackety-CLACK impressed words!

Oh this man saved us all
– Seth Wheeler’s toilet paper

But the grand techno-god
– Tesla’s electric power ac
humble praise for off-worldness

Back to terra firma
– Elisha Gray’s Telegraph
Lost rights to Mr. Bell

We have a grand audience
the universe rivetedly watches
What new innovation say we!

God-like soon — be we soon
the tower of babel-speak
Let’s rejoice!
God-kiss soul!