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Distant Storm

MEMORIES are wet streets
reflecting a light

And the distant storm
a table cloth of denial

An edge of coming Winter
razor blades of truth

Endings and beginnings
of wars and songs.

:: 01-24-2019 ::


I kissed your clam
shell’d mouth
you bit back life
We strolled on
down the hill
full of sun and thrill
You laughed
at my confession
and left me
It was all
a deception
like it matters now

so what happens
to us now
so what matters
isn’t how
it’s all decisions
within deceptions
is all that matters
now now now

::: 10-25-2018 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

a long time ago
a certain place
in a peculiar time
a naive notion

we danced in hand
and cursed the time
that moves across life
two lovers kissed by love

but if i ever live to see
such a love again in life
i will run toward Hades
that fire burns less than you

someone like you so intense
touched me across the land
beyond the surface or air
and grabbed my soul so tight

and you spoke candy words
to this gentle soul inside
i wanted to believe in you
but you decided to lie instead

and if I ever live to see
such a love again in life
I will run toward Hades
such a fire is cooler than you

:: 02-11-2014 ::