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Love Letters # 1 & # 2

Love Letter #01

Oh angel of mine, my very being,
Why must we bear this sorrow so unseeing,
When necessity calls, can our love survive,
Without sacrifices, and all we derive.

Can we change the fact, you’re not wholly mine,
Nor am I wholly yours, it’s not by design,
Dear God, look at nature, so pure and true,
And let our hearts be still, as we must do.

Love demands everything, this we know,
And rightly so, for love to grow and show,
Soon we shall meet, and talk of the thoughts,
Of our lives and the love that it brought.

If our hearts were always one and the same,
I would have no thoughts of love’s great game,
My heart overflows with longing to share,
So much, so much, words cannot declare.

There are moments when speech is not enough,
But be cheerful, my love, and never rough,
Be my faithful and my only sweetheart,
As I am yours, and never be apart.

The gods will send all that must come our way,
Our fate is written, whatever they may say.

:: 10.16.1723 ::

Love Letter #02

Without you, life is different now.
People show kindness here and there,
Though I feel I don’t deserve it at all,
As if it’s a hollow tribute from one man to another.
It hurts me, especially when I think about
My place in the vast universe, and wonder
What am I, and what is that man called “the greatest”?
Yet, within us all lies something divine.

However much you love me, know that
My love for you is even greater.
Please never hide from me.
Good night, dear God. You feel so near yet so far.
Our love is founded in heaven,
Strongly cemented in the firmament above.

:: 11.01.1723 ::


it begins so quietly
– the softest breeze
from Avalon; the gentlest
words by Cleopathra /
the aching rocks
of Earth and her birth
pain. this Spirit
only moved by pure LOVE

:: 07.25.2020 ::


A Night
as a falling note
upon the wishes
oh those dreams
of Life/
we go
…rushing river
passion bursting
the silver-Moon
you come
we go

:: 07.23.2020 ::

The Letter “i”

“i” is Atlas holding up the World.

A permission granted by the writer
of letters.

And ‘i’ never shrugs as it does not
have the writer’s license to do so.

For if it did the mnemonic rule of
‘i before E, except after C’ could
not exist.

Weird! <–very weird!

:: 09-26-2018 ::



Him To Her

IF a cloud becomes to large who moves it
to cry it’s nurturing tears upon the land?
And if a spiritual power is like a lover
then lovers are in the best company who
wear clothes called human skin!
Surely no sensible man would think a letter
written to you would coincidentally fall
upon your hands (without design) by a mutual
friend; each word i spoke in ink i try
to move away from any awakening
of our past misfortunes. Your nights are
lovely and quietly whispering of human
love; yet my passion has been under restraint
as thoughts in a bird cage wishing free air
to fly. Yet, i feel my passion makes me
sensible to its impressions and as the
caged bird as is my love for you i begin
to persuade my spirit it is a superfluous
trouble to break free my emotions for you.
i awoke this morning to a bright sun which
greeted me and then my heart which did shone
brightly casting shadows of doubt about
this love you embrace for evenings.

Let us share them? We can write things
in this night and sing and love another!
:: 08-07-2015 ::



Her to Him

THIS weather is cold and my fingers are acting old;
a friend happened last week to provide me with
a few papers of your ink written by both hand
and heart; this is purely my conjecture as i
believe it is true. As all these words i read
that entice my eyes somewhat like summer raining
on which are now icy fields of white and unforgiving
white. The complexity of love is dumbfounded by
both spirit and soul; and even though my volume
of thoughts could dry this ink well i say i wish
that i offer comfort to you my friend for a few
slight disgraces. i am both approachable but then
sometimes best at night when the evening has become
this very quiet lover you are challenging.

i wish you the best in this endeavor!
:: 08-07-2015 ::



Him to Her

i should remember our last time apart,
and why with misfortunes and
melancholy nights did you stop these tears!
my words written as philosophical reasons
have not arrested your pain or fortune.

i feel am i useless, no impression upon
your heart or soul shall relieve this grief
and now i could scoop the light of a moonlit
night and gather all its grandeur but to
no avail to awaken your Spirit!

This skin and flesh of me wishes to leave,
but my Soul remains in this endeavor to prove
living is not being happy but loving is life!
i believe i am the house silently sitting
in servitude looking beyond the old-thoughts
of a redMouth bleeding time and trimmings
of wishful meaning.

:: 08-07-2015 ::


The world buried
— today
a friend familiar to me

One that I grew
— to know
one who loved me so

Her lines were delicate
— but razor sharp
A cut through carelessness

I would say hello
— in black ink I bled
across her tender face

Today the world buried
— the closest of my friends
The written letter to rest we put