Love Letters # 1 & # 2

Love Letter #01

Oh angel of mine, my very being,
Why must we bear this sorrow so unseeing,
When necessity calls, can our love survive,
Without sacrifices, and all we derive.

Can we change the fact, you’re not wholly mine,
Nor am I wholly yours, it’s not by design,
Dear God, look at nature, so pure and true,
And let our hearts be still, as we must do.

Love demands everything, this we know,
And rightly so, for love to grow and show,
Soon we shall meet, and talk of the thoughts,
Of our lives and the love that it brought.

If our hearts were always one and the same,
I would have no thoughts of love’s great game,
My heart overflows with longing to share,
So much, so much, words cannot declare.

There are moments when speech is not enough,
But be cheerful, my love, and never rough,
Be my faithful and my only sweetheart,
As I am yours, and never be apart.

The gods will send all that must come our way,
Our fate is written, whatever they may say.

:: 10.16.1723 ::

Love Letter #02

Without you, life is different now.
People show kindness here and there,
Though I feel I don’t deserve it at all,
As if it’s a hollow tribute from one man to another.
It hurts me, especially when I think about
My place in the vast universe, and wonder
What am I, and what is that man called “the greatest”?
Yet, within us all lies something divine.

However much you love me, know that
My love for you is even greater.
Please never hide from me.
Good night, dear God. You feel so near yet so far.
Our love is founded in heaven,
Strongly cemented in the firmament above.

:: 11.01.1723 ::

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