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IF i see you next to never
  that hour is mine
for ever that it takes,
thinking, burying thoughts
that spring forth in soil
by long fields of tulips.
  at times i get up late
other times early while
i untangle time within
my lost mind — the golden
gulp of sadness swallowed.
  my rage is sad smoothing
the waves of all oceans.
my thin body stretched
towards the sky.
 helicopter petals of
all brilliant colors
swirl upon my head;
at these times no less
than happy hours of bliss
and kisses.
    there is no reason for
love other than love.
it has been the best merger
of words and emotions
scarcely beginning upon your

:: 09.19.2020 ::


I TREMBLE upon gleeful timber
and my feet speak laughter
Such tickle upon ivory white
touches me in ways beyond
what mortals feel in night

I am glee and I am free
I am love and so much free
I love hearts that love me

Come see the Pasteur for such
it is wide and large for us
Choke sweets and taste me
love vinegar and slap me
I am what the world hates
but mostly they love me
Strong woman stay with me!

:: 0`-17-2014 ::