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IF you feed me love
i shall eat all of

:: 07-05-2015 ::


I TREMBLE upon gleeful timber
and my feet speak laughter
Such tickle upon ivory white
touches me in ways beyond
what mortals feel in night

I am glee and I am free
I am love and so much free
I love hearts that love me

Come see the Pasteur for such
it is wide and large for us
Choke sweets and taste me
love vinegar and slap me
I am what the world hates
but mostly they love me
Strong woman stay with me!

:: 0`-17-2014 ::


SOFT slender-touch
— are your ways
Blending love-colors
and twisting flow-bends
Such elastic kiss-stretching
from gentle lips
into my burning heart
— melting worry-nothing’s
Such is love-true-true


SWEET wonder-thought
I visit you often
within my safe-case
Away from the noise
of frentic soul-sought
My comforter be still
Allow me this moment
so late this evening
I feel be-ought thus
we oneness are
Nothing more needed
only you this one-night
Hush…no thought…
Undulating bliss…
No-thing for naught!


AND WHO is that child that runs
through the forest in day or night
and picks the flowers by your path
sometimes even within the rain
a shower — then rainbow he climbs upon
The gold never ends at the bottom
but lays on top — the world to see

And who is that child that cries
when the pain and suffering
does seep between the window pane
the world — our world — he feels
without his eyes but within his heart
and thoughts and colors bursting pain
the Council watches from other-there

The child of light and brighter days
The child of light and brighter ways
Come unto us child, and bring your kind



I CONFESS my disposition to the world
the nature of my being — my soul
that of romantic and tragic spirit
quarter me, pierce me, kiss me
but never break —
the beating heart within me


Mother, I bring to you my heart
You taught me kindness
But this world is an ugly place
It withers the skin of my soul

Mother, forgive me for weakness
You taught me much too well
How to be a good man in this place
It destroys those who appear weak

And I will take the hand that is kind
and appease the gods that demand —
a soul for a heart in a crazy world

So, mother, give me your love
and tell me a lullaby so I can believe
in true love — it may never come my way

I bring to you my heart
broken by deep despair
lay it upon your pillow
and pray I can live again