The Music of Words

Viola: If love is God, then I have met Him in Glory.
Violin I: Oh lovely life, oh my love, I say I adore you.
Violin II: Tears weep from my mouth in all I feel, seeing you.
Cello and Double Bass:

My dear, I am honored to be here with you now.
The seasons were long, and suns came up and went
Silently beneath my wishes.
Oh, I saw you in the sparrow and the green, tallest grasses, my sweetest love.
And now, we are together!

The angels sing:

Oh, if love be but God, then Him in Glory
Have I beheld, my heart with joy alight!
Oh life, my love, thee do I adore,
All in thy gaze, my being takes delight.

Tears of purest joy, from lips that flow,
When thou art by my side, all feelings blend.
My sun, my soul, my guiding light, I know,
In thy presence, my being doth transcend.

Seasons pass, long and silent in their sighs,
As suns rise and set with every breath I take.
But in thy love, my sweetest wish now lies,
All dreams and hopes in thy embrace doth make.

In sparrow’s flight, and greenest grasses bright,
Thy presence I see, my heart’s true delight.

Together now, my dearest, forevermore,
Our love, a symphony that shall endure.

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