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 I AM the Heart.  The Spirit.
The wings of flight and love.
The many illusions of living,
Feeling, and even betrayal.

  And the small and great
Things upon four feet.
The stem reaching for the sun.
The grains of innumerable sands

Across the dry lands and the
Crystal-snow of high mountains.

Love.  It is all and everything.
Within the molecule and the edge
Of a growing universe.

To live and know the unknown
Is terribly lonely.

But Love, love!

The greatest mystery!

:: 12-05-2017


IT was with a bang
that first I heard
a thought: sparrow had hit the house!
my sorrow for sparrow so immense!
The second bang shook my soul
surely a quake that rocked the world
my fear for the town so profound!
The third and last pierced my heart
and brought me back to my senses!

As the firing squad
completed their task
therein i died
remembering life as a dream!

:: — ::


we werelings like savings (trolls dancing
beneath bridges) coins in pockets clanging
like silver hearts whose words like lips
closed speaking and two foot liking
here of this earth dancing Eine kleine Nachtmusik,
K525! we order a life and they send us a thought
(like someone ordered pie) and let us dance over
smashed words — open broken vows of oath so
trembling cracked — smiles ~~ i see nothing
but drenching spray of pink and white and reds
all across this unbelievable lovely life! So dance,
sing! Twirling souls have no time for fear
or hurt or pain!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


TOO quaint
being the great
wishing well!
lust is a drink
which who’ve stumbled
crazy steeper steps
of love and life

hearts are supernovae
bursting light ! when
thenSOME s8uls who lit
lovers who are these lips

until and who came?
across the filiament
kicked and spurred
“it feels i’ve just heard you

love, the screech
my sweet Jennifer: and whom
i too have never met or
anyone like this soul

it is spirits and with
illimitable days;
forever fruit

:: 07-08-2015 ::