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I walk around and down the walk
just another day minding business
and I can hear the people saying
nothing matters but what’s in heart
such a thing needed is more song
about love and life and smiles too
And what does the man say…
listen to what they all sing
It’s what the heart needs
and it needs…LA LA LA TA DA LA LA
and the flowers twirl float soda
and sherbet paints Mona Lisa
and she is singing LA LA LA TA DA LA LA
it’s what the heart needs yes it does

:: 03-02-2014 ::


Persona non grata —
I sang beneath
the moonlight sonata
a ghost finger touched
a quiver — semi-tone note
my soul did concave
beneath that haunting
longing aching spirit
So persona non grata
my coattail in winter snow

:: 02-25-2014 ::


That easy rhythmic sound is what i need,

a swing beat in jazz to touch and feel.

So I do my best to stay one foot ahead

of those lazy-crazy slices of falling time

of which some are stuck in the inferno trees

outside my window. A hellish wind fans them

but I rely upon Count Basie to sooth it all out

and I won’t look out the window anymore.

:: 02-25-2014 ::



I dug a hole in time today
within this vast room
an ancient music I played
of a composer distant past
his hand now dry and cold
has touched my heart still

:: 02-20-2014 ::

[Du verpasst Herr Beethoven!]


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

LISTEN to the radio on the AM dial
what you hear isn’t prefab noise
but the crackle of creative past
You say the past is fogey old
but the juice was sweet and new
and gave us the best of music
didn’t you know
Dickinsonian cool
I sit on a Monet stroke
swimming in the Lillie’s
a bridge in the willows
What we wish catching
a filament on a egg shell
and you’re crying
We all want to sleep
but the pea is a giant
and the princess is dancing
I’m crying
so sore thigh
bruised from love

:: 02-04-2014 ::


And if you heard
the angelic sound
— a musical lyric
in variation — eternal
What words to choose
a mumbling fool may say
— what tears to shed
mostly joyous — though
none I dare to share
Clearly unprepared
is the human mind
and heart to grasp
such grandeur
as God’s beauty
— love and let love
in Peace & Harmony