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IF the throat could cry
would it use words?
IF the jaybird too?
How could nests be built?
By divine love; divine
strength we learn.

If (which is a word to
wish for more) love
was greater than fear
(and it is) all things
are the possible.

And I say to the One
whom I love (and you know
me dear) I wish for a nest
for our eggs and future.
Where love creates the
possibility of eternal love!

Bless you my dear!

:: 12-06-2017 ::


WHAT love does wander
within fields
of undiscovered
flowers of passion
— discovered
she does feel
such pain she knows
gives birth to love
and child shall remainG
Generations give
and our love remains
Un time we refrain
and speak in deep pain
We remain lovers
in time the same

:: 01-27-2014 ::