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IF the throat could cry
would it use words?
IF the jaybird too?
How could nests be built?
By divine love; divine
strength we learn.

If (which is a word to
wish for more) love
was greater than fear
(and it is) all things
are the possible.

And I say to the One
whom I love (and you know
me dear) I wish for a nest
for our eggs and future.
Where love creates the
possibility of eternal love!

Bless you my dear!

:: 12-06-2017 ::


Dearest Love,

I am the little vessel upon your ocean
and you seem far away as the waves are
gentle now that we are continents apart
as a misery of a sailor greeted by red
then alterable noons of mourning.
A privileged host is asking,
‘with whom shall i settle this vessel
when a storm is coming?’ And mooring
my ship not with rope, chain nor anchor
but by this great love! The Great Wave
has perched me atop the tallest crest
and as bravely i go i go to thee!
And red skies at night! This heart
a delightful song as dawn must always recur
a sight occularly straight
and as true as the North Star!

Forever yours,
The Warmest Love

:: 09-16-2015 ::