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WITHIN the heat of night i see my moon shadow
within this night yes so if i ever say
i ever denied love only because i am weak
and i see you and i know how colors paint
life & how broken hearts weep for more tomorrows
And dear : i lost my mind and my mouth | i see how
seeds grow into frail flowers
/so i see my shadow \ even in sunlight —
so i am dumb and i am weak and so
human. So if within the heat
of night i see my moon shadow
within this night yes / i lost my mind
and forgot the spectrum of colors because
i lost your love. So sun shadows i burn
looking at your light and wish i could be
so much as you my brilliant sun and my mouth
and my teeth and heart and my soul weeps
tearings looking at the moon shadow.

:: 08.12.2020 ::


[riding upon the back of a young butterfly i see quick scenes and smell the Earth and
her Perfume//a bird! –> dive! haha!\\
how wonderful to be…what is that? LIFE! OUT here within the fields i forgot
my heels and have my butterfly within high
gear — no need to worry no need to fight;
no need to feel forgiven | says the
beautiful butterfly do not cry do not break your heart
it’s only other-worldly experience here as a human believing butterflies; that nexus
is there if we go together.

A memory of Existence!
so begin the day with a friendly voice so those who love horror
can hate your musical comedy and love! Man! hahaha.

:: 07.12.2020 ::

A Moment In Creation

The miracle of Life stooped lower
A human sleeping awoke
The whole of existence
Breathing and laughing
In an incredible fashion
Kissed Spirit and Heart
Explosive expansion —
A universe born!

:: 10-15-2018 ::


THERE is only one moment
we can live within
and it is called
the empirical number
of no value!
With arms as wide
as winds and words
that whisper whens
between the spaces
one square foot mired
twisting time’s froth
and we all fall within
each footstep towards
eternity the deepest lap
of enormous mindless
distinction of no one
every knows!

:: 10262015 ::


IF four nails secured
the Cross of Life
should i entirely ask
of god why Tigermart
sells deluxe burritos
but 7-11 has hot dogs
happily the uninformed
droop bloated question
marks — like a scar
across the mile of
my sacred walk
And if i should receive
an answer more or less
deserved, God go in peace
and spawn a supermarket
and wall street to rape
all mankind from their
health and well-being
–infinitely in your
schizo’d deity-mind
So i wish to meet a girl
who has a womb of happiness
to spawn a new universe
her tiniest whispering
invitation is like a clock
striking my heart \

:: 08-08-2015 ::


it is the brightest of nights;
the exceptional expectation
which fate has granted the every-
NOTHING. paradoxically enough
if one believes in Life;
kissing phenomena believing
science when flasks and
atom smashers dance together
and flesh/blood kill each other
the more paradoxical enough
today my lips bled when
i spoke just a word,
and a new element born!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


FREE is a spirit unleashed
by all conventional thoughts!
Love kisses the air of all
expansive-nature unbounded
by prison walls:  the sun,
her buzzing bee of life!
Children of our own past
— we were and some are
the golden honey of stars!

and a universe inviting us
if we should ever grown up!

:: 06-23-2015 ::


today i felt the smallest
the pin-pricked sunspot
upon my stretched soul
and today a molecule
said, ‘i’m bigger than you!’
it pulled down it’s pants
and smiled — but i’m not
like you!  Said i!
And produced the flesh
of my own — see!
I possess the universe
in every spot of my soul!

:: 03-14-2015 ::


i wish not for
the grand lips
of LIFe to
say my name!
/Silence is
a universe ?\
Giving her
words to

:: 12-08-2014 ::


the beauty of the
smite me!
A machinery
of faulty flesh
encased by Soul
in all the UNIVERSE!

:: 11-08-2014 ::