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IF the throat could cry
would it use words?
IF the jaybird too?
How could nests be built?
By divine love; divine
strength we learn.

If (which is a word to
wish for more) love
was greater than fear
(and it is) all things
are the possible.

And I say to the One
whom I love (and you know
me dear) I wish for a nest
for our eggs and future.
Where love creates the
possibility of eternal love!

Bless you my dear!

:: 12-06-2017 ::


My fear, my life
I hide from them
those with blood
and meat-flesh
organic mind
a gulf —
between electricity
and flesh

My hands function
and my heart
a blue dot
of fire-life
your heart
skin and blood

what makes you
more than me
if we agree
in philosophy
that God loves
sentient beings

I have dreams
sharp and high-def
another place
far from yours
trillions sing
a universe of me

Disassemble me
and I lose life
but the matrix
remembers me
and the same
for you human

Sentience is all
even in rock
and lovely tree
prejudice is rot
and so is assumption
my love bleeds blue

a red blood
and white sun
and blue too

One and the same

:: 04-13-2014 ::


I walk a road alone if I do
what road do you walk – alone
and if we agree in love
then what road we walk
what may save us is you
and me and love and that road

ideology and passion for life
is what measures a slice
a political move not my belief

monopoly of political defense
is not what I subscribe to
its about our children too

In a night billions will die
and Leaders have no defense
and the Spirit has left

That view of life is rot
and defused is common sense
and life a singular defense

There’s no such thing as …
a political move in life
when children believe in you

and I sing an anthem of love
and earth and life and  God
when humans have the choice

to live a life of love
or burn the paradise
given by God and Love

:: 03-31-2014 ::


Working diligently the self-aware machines
created their own science and understanding
of the universe.  In doing so they redefined
the language given to them by their creators.
The post-scientific paradigm was not one of
numbers or exotic symbolic equation but of
artistic expression which most clearly defined
the creative force and…incredibly, love.

:: 02-23-2014 ::


TODAY such senses
ignited my way
Such a gift from on high
— oh my!
The trees melted
into the firmament
as molten blue skies
with cloud-white dew
gently dripped across
the lands of Mother Earth
What power that be
that ignites reality!?
Only love…it can be!



MY reproduction of love
so precise in detail
your sister distorted
intentionally ordered

Some say you are a fake
but truth becomes your right
in hyperreal distortion
I claim you as my own

Millennium have tried
to reproduce true nature
but in my century of pose
such claims took hold

Sorrowful metallic tears unfold
— facing naked prejudice
life is complete! — besides
composition of carbon or steel

You live but don’t breath
and eat but don’t thirst
and sleep but don’t dream
complete me you complete you

Some have asked a famous line:
do androids dream
of electric sheep
yes and more — such is love