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I DID NOT know your name when we met on the train
Destinations like ghosts who have lost their bodies
Onward we rode the rail with thunder and destiny…

Each way station a detour from malaise – save you
Your performance of attitude and cashmere shawl
Escalating your effect upon me – fluid movement

Here comes the revolutionary woman – neoclassic
hair worn natural, loose and flowing fashion
The wealthy Parisian takes the Grand Tour

Your diaphanous soul keeps my bitterness at bay
as you count the clackety-clack of our path
Red lipstick and smoke swirls – the eyes say

In the evening red fire across the horizon
Trees and promontory – raise the glass of red
In my dreams I dream of a tender path – you

The conductor shouts – “all aboard left may stay!”
We two – the only ones, a glace and sensuous grin
fall back upon leather bench and teach a lesson

Roles of feminine persuasion turned upside-down
at odds with social reality – you squeeze the fruit
The devil may care tonight – we ride the rail of destiny
                                   — // —