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In All Our Dreams

i am when was a good idea
that broken wheel
without a carriage or
passenger whose journey
by most unreal eyes
that can see all 4 seasons
in that glimpse
of forgotten reason;
that begging my sleeping brain
the permanently attentive
mind could never be yours /
so be it \ in all our dreams!

:: 09-08-2017 ::


Piece_No_17-110811 - Scentless Apprentice
(c) E.P. Robles

there were orange sherbet skies

a blanket of deep blue waves

and a white beach comforter too


I said to you my dear lover

let this be a dream for life

and never awake me or you


and i want you to know

deep within my heart

i never want you to go


let’s play with the water

and sing with the dolphin

i comb your hair with a shell


and darling never awake

dream upon my tan shoulder

and i will kiss you forever


:: 04-01-2014 ::



(c) ep robles 2012

All blood and flesh the cage
— a golden gate
cannot you see
that keeps some dreams at bay
— a border close
to pure fantasy
when the Keepers turn away
a dip or two from reality

:: 02-17-2014 ::


(c) ep robles 2013

never awaken
me-sleepy self

for i have taken

a dreamy trip

a laundry list
i took with me
to shop a day

at life’s
other store —

it’s over-there

:: 02-13-2014 ::


THE dream awoke within my life
to me it tenderly spoke —
whispery sound a murmur
— a feather-fell
to you I come to feel as real
a dust-sleep dream to life
no life in such a murky realm
for living has its needs
and dreams provide the seeds



THE need to break free
from dogma and religion
politics and pseudo civility
leads me to believe
dreaming is a product
and living is the dream
I hope some day to break free
from objects — possessions
to imagine all the people
sharing all the world
where we live as one

Brother and sister
and the animals
and creatures of the sea
some day I hope this
— that you will join me



VOICE within the gale
speak to me – shudder
soil drench soul – sell
I bind my tongue no-utter
secrets of my shadow-tell

My storm has entered
across a parched land
dust assailed by tear drops
footprints across soul-sand

Let fires burn from my skies
ripping oak and ancient lands
the treasure shall you find
winds, rain, lightning discover…

a heart that’s lost
in space and time…



I DON’T even want to say hello
unless the cat has run away
could you be more explicit
in your demanding ways
I don’t even want to feed the fish
who says the ocean can’t live
if your love isn’t given my way

Life was easy when it was boring
nothing more than schemes of thieving
so it was when I woke up this morning
Life is so blue when colors run south

I don’t’ even believe in the fairy
who says the rabbit likes the eggs
and Santa has it easy with his wife
Rudolph gives more than his red light

Life is boring but when I’m snoring
life has more than just a meaning
life is dreaming without a reason
I can dream of schemes…

when I’m dreaming in my sleep!



DEAR visitor I ask that you never assume
based on visual evidence that you consume
my age what you see — biologically

I am still within and maybe more —
arrested development in societal terms
but within the soul I am much more so

To dream of simple-that is earmarked youth
amazed am I in all I see — clearly believe
in me — thrives the little-see wondrously

Arrest the thought and hang upon me-say
what you do is what you are and how you live
I dream and think and love and see and wish to be…

the little boy who wonders and sees
in fantastical terms of ordinary things
and kiss-be the lovely life he shares with we!



WHETHER the floating begins at night
or surprises my heart within the day
my floating rises above the skies
and always ends with you at my side

So very gentle is the lift —
that soft and warm nudge at the start
its honey and thick and warm — like your heart
we float above and away with all its brought

I’m floating away
away with you
floating inside
the love of you

We’re soaring so close
close to the sun
it’s flames embracing
our souls as one