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a creeping chill throws me cold: t he
skies have t urn SEPIA AND i completely

utterly melt into each word

birth’d — this elegie betrays the poet;

a confession unburdens the Spirit — you

are reading about the me of ‘i’ have always

loved you |mia /i shall meet you again to-now
within the theater of my Soul sure, sometimes
i have concern for the world as it continues
to devour my Feelings and sensibilities.

when can i love you again?

:: 03.24.2020 ::


ah, she’s in a sun-dress mood
all yellow with flowers
so blue and oh it’s so good
she has an apple-eye
strawberry mouth
singing how the sun
came on down to kiss her
and now
Ah, it feels so good
and how wishes are
like the wind and
whispers in my ear:
“you’re a lucky
heart to have her”
AH! It’s so good to
see her in a sun-dress mood!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


I walked the cobblestone
tripped and fell into the sun
and tasted your love
I loved and died there’s a reason
i shouldn’t stay: that love
of misunderstanding: lost a heel
somewhere between love
and a last chance –> won’t keep me
satisfied : misunderstanding
i gave you a last chance but
you can’t keep me satisfied by
the way you treat me: and
all i want is the heel i lost
for height and attention
and confidence –> accentuate
ANYTHING but your heart!
(oh is he gone? did he go?
no, no, no way!) I keep
love away! And misunderstanding!
All we are is a mistake!
The heel i lost i loved

:: 07-05-2015 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

LISTEN to the radio on the AM dial
what you hear isn’t prefab noise
but the crackle of creative past
You say the past is fogey old
but the juice was sweet and new
and gave us the best of music
didn’t you know
Dickinsonian cool
I sit on a Monet stroke
swimming in the Lillie’s
a bridge in the willows
What we wish catching
a filament on a egg shell
and you’re crying
We all want to sleep
but the pea is a giant
and the princess is dancing
I’m crying
so sore thigh
bruised from love

:: 02-04-2014 ::


YES I did wish
to be the one
you wished
to take
your heart
above the skies

So sadly I fall
from your vision
I cry each feet
they cut — the fall

I am only human
faults I have
fantasy not…
what I possess
Is only human flesh

You say with song
such tune I devour
a concert for God
HE keeps the mood
Such decision for you

In repose I sing
my tender love
you remain in heart
such love is eternal
and love knows us

:: 01-27-2014 ::


AH!, light’s formal wear
stars, pulsars, nebulae
comets, gamma-ray – stay away!
just the trimmings might I say
but when the light must entertain
out of the cosmic closet
— it pulls away
the skin of human into a suit
gender — what to pick!
consider the role that you wish:
male skin so brute and rough
— to the touch!
Female-elegance to impress…
Impress I say!  All the way!



IN the sweet moment
each and every day
you can smell love
and innocence in me
at the market
in the cubicle
but I refrain
imaginary love —
so many lovers
I refrain from
impulse today

I walk away
in heels too high
to keep the waters
at bay —
and I say

Still lonely
steel rains
its taking over
steel rain
So it starts
every day
each moment
between us

so many names
each one a lover
who says slowly
I’m your
Steel rain
steel rain
its taking over
its taking over —
me —


WHITE LINE – dance within my mind
twisting a mix of fear and love
bubble gum thoughts of sticky pain

Grab your shoes – wear your pain
like stilettos how much it hurts
All  you see is the beauty of it

The puzzle of love fits so nice
But a broken heart takes its time
to put the pieces all back together
            — // —


I DID NOT know your name when we met on the train
Destinations like ghosts who have lost their bodies
Onward we rode the rail with thunder and destiny…

Each way station a detour from malaise – save you
Your performance of attitude and cashmere shawl
Escalating your effect upon me – fluid movement

Here comes the revolutionary woman – neoclassic
hair worn natural, loose and flowing fashion
The wealthy Parisian takes the Grand Tour

Your diaphanous soul keeps my bitterness at bay
as you count the clackety-clack of our path
Red lipstick and smoke swirls – the eyes say

In the evening red fire across the horizon
Trees and promontory – raise the glass of red
In my dreams I dream of a tender path – you

The conductor shouts – “all aboard left may stay!”
We two – the only ones, a glace and sensuous grin
fall back upon leather bench and teach a lesson

Roles of feminine persuasion turned upside-down
at odds with social reality – you squeeze the fruit
The devil may care tonight – we ride the rail of destiny
                                   — // —