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it was 1493 when i, the little boy, ventured across
the hills toward Anchiano.
there i was found being thirsty and asked an old
man for water. He was Leonardo da vinci — he
said. My father taught me how to fight: my mother,
how to be gracious for a kind gesture.
i had never met a soul as him and he showed me
a painting and some notes. Asked if I was schooled.
No. Just in life to survive i replied.

Thanking him i left behind a remarkable

:: 07.25.2020 ::


*** DRAFT ***
Hey hey! mighty Asteroid
you have come from so
far away makes my mind
and dizzy head ;
250 million years ago they
walked right where my life
now Stands /makes me wonder
/, it makes me wonder
if i should have another
, another who stands here
one day \\
we dominated this land for
200 thousand years now
then went for a walk with
the dinosaur. hey hey
mighty asteroid you are
picture with no future.

:: 07.10.2020 ::